New York Area Special Event Security Services

You have planned the perfect event. The venue is booked, the menu is set, entertainment selected and the invitations are in the mail. But, you still feel uneasy, as if you have forgotten an important detail.

What else could you possibly need to make your event successful? Considering the expense and detail that goes into hosting events in New York City, special event security services should also be on your checklist of party must-haves. A well-trained security team can provide the additional support needed to make sure your event is successful.

Special event security services provides a wide range of support options. Many people do not realize the full scope of support that a security team can provide. Services include:

Securing event permits
Equipment rental
Attendee transportation
Parking coordination
Door Security
And, for events that are higher profile, special event security services even have options that include sweeping for explosives. In a city like New York that is rife with high-profile people, buildings and events, this can be a standard requirement at events like awards galas, press conferences and business openings.

When you have put so much effort into planning the perfect event, do you really want to worry about things like crowd control, event crashers and safety hazards? Give these concerns to security specialists with deep expertise identifying, planning for and mitigating security issues so that you and your guests can focus on what is important - enjoying your event. GSS Security Services has the experience, training and expertise to help you host the perfect event.
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Looking for Executive Protection?

Has the public eye become familiar with who you are? Are you feeling uneasy in the open by yourself? The thought of seeking out Executive Protection may seem daunting, especially if it is your first time. There are so many questions to ask similar to who can you trust? Are they trained professionals? Do they have any experience? What makes them stand out from other competitors? Will they be able to adapt to any unforeseen situation?

Fortunately for you, we have the answers to all of these questions. We at GSS security services offer you the best, quality, professional service. We are an insured, licensed company with over twenty years of experience. Requirements for staff members are to follow a “philosophy of dedication and excellence”, as well as participate in regulatory training and testing. We achieve our goal of security by utilizing our training and knowledge. Therefore, giving you the safety and protection needed during any formal or informal event.

The last thing you want during an important event or even in everyday life is to worry about the safety of yourself and others surrounding you. GSS Security Services will take your concerns, make them our own and come up with solutions to all possible endeavors that may happen. Preparation and planning is the key to success in proper security. We also understand that even with all the planning, it is necessary to react quickly. Fret not; we are all trained to act quickly however intelligently when we do. Your safety is number one always with GSS. Please do not hesitate to contact us today for any Executive Protection needs, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Get Personal Security Services In New York City Tailored For You

Feeling threatened or being threatened doesn't have to be the reason for hiring personal security services, although most of the time: this is what it takes for people to realize their need for security. Truth is, people of high-profile are often more at risk than they think.

In reality, just being good-looking and having money sometimes can attract criminal types who take unwanted interest in you. Hiring personal security services doesn't have to look like the typical Hollywood scene in our heads, rather personal security services can be tailored just for you specifically.

Why Security is a Good Idea

Taking protective measures in personal protection is always a good idea for people of high-profile. This doesn't mean you have to have a large entourage of men in black following you everywhere, rather it could look more like one security officer who blends into the environment. There are many variables to consider when strategizing a plan for your security, and GSS makes great efforts to understand each client's specific needs.

Settling for Less than the Best is Dangerous

GSS is the best security service in New York City, and we're not shy about saying it. We want you to understand by hiring our services, you're getting excellence. When it comes to this line of business, settling for less could prove costly and dangerous. GSS Security Services hires only top-quality personnel familiar with New York City, which makes day-to-day security flow smoothly in our clients' lives.

GSS Delivers Whatever Security You Need

Clients can hire personal security at certain times or 24/7, depending on their situation. We can help you decide what options are available and suggested, from our vast experience in providing security in New York City for high-profile clients.

By hiring personal security, clients will have peace of mind when getting around New York City. Many times, our security presence will deter hassles and help avoid inconvenient incidents before they would've occurred without us. And in the case of a more serious breach, an otherwise dangerous situation can be handled safely. Clients will enjoy a more peaceful and secure environment no matter where they're at, with the help of our security presence.

Reach Out and Talk With Us

GSS Security Services is available for hire in New York City for whatever personal security needs you have. If you're wondering if personal security is what's needed for your situation, feel free to contact us and we'll help you understand the specifics. Often, clients wish they would've called us much earlier, as their lives drastically changed for the better with our help.

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Executive Protection - 3 Things to Consider

In today's society, security is a vital need. And even more so than the average person, executives and company head figures are among some of the key people requiring this need. With such high profiles, individuals and executive groups are constantly looking for a sense of comfort and safety throughout their daily lives. But how do you know what considerations to take when getting protection? Below we take a look at some reasons why you should consider executive protection.

Type of Event

When considering protection, the type of event is critical. While private conferences and gatherings typically require some protection, public events are much harder to gauge and generally require a lot more. Due to the variability in everyone's daily lives, all locations require protection when entering the public sphere. Make sure to scope out the type of event and provide enough protection so that your executive is feeling the level of comfort they need.


Much like the type of event, where you travel is another major component. With most CEO's and head figures traveling frequently, they need to ensure their safety is the number one priority. Here, considering high-risk countries, territories, and locations becomes very important. Make sure to scope out each location and provide the protection and service you need to handle any situation.

Movement and Engagement

Most times overlooked, make sure to carefully consider the amount of mobility and engagement you foresee your executive having. Individuals dealing with a lot of public interactions (i.e. a mayor or CEO at a charity event) or those having to move around quite a bit (i.e. a company owner at a new facility or building) will require a very high detail of protection.

For all of these scenarios, the number one takeaway is that you simply cannot be too safe. Our GSS Security Services team of over 250 employees is here to ensure you feel the sense of comfort your deserve. Please be sure to contact us for any information or to set up a protection plan for your executives.
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The Changing Standards of Hotel Security

Hotels have always been responsible for keeping their guests safe.  For much of the last century, an effective lock and a responsible night attendant at the front desk proved effective for thousands of hotels and their visitors. Times have changed. In the current context of terror attacks on places of leisure, the hospitality industry is rethinking the risks posed by offering recreation destinations to their guests.  While the statistical likelihood of an injury or death for a specific guest at the hands of criminals or terrorists is small, hospitality executives understandably will not tolerate unnecessary exposure.

Is your property secure enough?

The hotel security expertise and deep strategic context that GSS Security Services brings to a security assessment stem from a unique origin.  Born in the hotel security sector over 20 years ago, GSS Security Services has stayed on the forefront of event and hospitality safety. By scheduling an evaluation, you will not only gain insight into modern standards and services such as our K-9 Bomb Detection and Explosives Division but will better understand the threat landscape and the ramifications of being a possible target in the post-9-11 world.  

GSS Security Services provides a wide range of consultation and staffing. We routinely provide Fire Safety Director staffing, employee site access control, sophisticated camera monitoring, and special event security. A thorough understanding of modern risks requires attention to all aspects of hotel security, from the subtle to the unthinkable.

To find out what GSS Security Services can do for your hospitality property, simply get in touch with a representative to schedule an assessment. Your future guests and their families are relying on your actions today. 


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What to Consider When Hiring Security Officer Services

When you plan a large event such as a concert, conference, fashion show, lecture or festival, you can't overlook the issue of security. Hiring professional security officer services gives you and everyone involved peace of mind. You should consider several factors before choosing a company to perform this service.

  • Experience. You want to choose a company that has plenty of experience in providing security for events. If you're planning a large, high-profile event, make sure that the security company you use has experience with events of such magnitude. 
  • Bonded, licensed and insured. For liability reasons, only hire security personnel who are insured, licensed and bonded. It's also important that the company employs only professional and well-trained security officers and performs thorough background checks of all employees. 
  • Provides customized solutions. Every event is different. When you discuss your particular needs with the company, you should feel confident that they are providing a custom approach to your security needs. 
  • Establishes a strong but discreet presence. The best kind of security at an event is visible enough to deter problems yet low-key so as not to create a tense atmosphere. Experienced security personnel know how to create this balance. 
  • Able to detect explosives. It's an unfortunate reality that bombs and explosives are a real concern nowadays. An agency that provides bomb detecting dogs adds another important layer of security for your event. 

Having expert security officers on hand is a way to ensure that people can enjoy your event without any unwanted interference or disruptions. Such a presence is a deterrent for potential troublemakers and makes attendees feel more at ease. For more information about hiring professional security officers, please contact us

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Protect Special Events with Security Services

Anyone paying attention to the news lately knows that a lot of scary things can happen to just about anyone, anywhere. It is hard to go on with your life and not be paranoid about violence and tragedy. Yet is must happen. That is why GSS Security Services offers special events security services that are unmatched in New York and around the world.

We take special events security services very seriously because we understand the threat on security is real. We don't want to offer you muscly bouncers just waiting to punch someone who skips forward in line like you would see in a movie. We offer the best employees in the industry that undergo rigorous employee screening and training. Potential employees are evaluated for the understanding of the job and we maintain a drug free work environment by providing random drug tests.

Anyone has worked with GSS Security Services knows our employees are the best. We make sure they are physically capable by being quick on their feet and have rigorous training and conditioning. Mental strength and control are also highly valued with an emphasis on courage, insight, and a courteous and professional nature. And it is also important to us that our employees only use force when necessary. We certainly do not want to be the ones perpetuating any problems.

So for your special event—whether that be a VIP party, fashion event, or movie screening—contact us today at GSS Security Services to hire the best private security and ensure safety at your event.

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3 Reasons to Hire Special Event Security

When you are organizing a special event, there is so much to consider. Venues, guest list, registration, ticket sales, catering, performers, speakers, and vendors are all things you may be juggling to figure out. So with all of that on your plate, here are 3 reasons why special event security is a great investment for your event.

Peace of Mind

Throwing a special event can bring a lot of diverse people together. Having security services provides you with the peace of mind that the people attending your event are safe. Nothing would be worse for the publicity of your event than if people were having personal belongings stolen or even worse, if someone was harmed by a criminal at your event. Hiring security lets you focus on the matter at hand while professionals take care of the safety of your guests.

No Party Crashers

A special event is just that—special. That means you probably have an exclusive guest list and don't want uninvited people to come. Special event security will make sure that only those you want to be there are.

Safety for All

When bringing together highprofile individuals for an event, whether that is a conference for executives, an awards show full of celebrities, or a fundraising gala for socialites, there is inherently a higher risk for danger. Keep everyone safe at your event by hiring event security. Also, large groups of people run the risk of people getting into a fight or something destructive happening. If someone trying to cause a problem sees there is security present, they are less likely to act.

Peace of mind, deterring party crashers, and safety for all guests are three main reasons why hiring special event security is important. Contact us at GSS Security Services for more information today.

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Personal Security Services for Highprofile Individuals

Celebrities, dignitaries, executives, and other high profile individuals sometimes need personal security services to be safe. Unfortunately, fame, wealth, and prestige can bring unwanted and even unsafe attention. That is why GSS Security Services exists—to provide individuals as well as events with the high level of professional security they need. When it comes to major events like an awards show, GSS Security Services often works together with local police to make sure the event is secure. But most individuals are not going to be able to have a constant police escort. We offer the best private personal security in New York and the world. It can be easy to want to ignore the possibility of something unsafe happening to you if you are a high profile individual. You are possibly used to a lot of media and fan attention. But the fact remains, high profile individuals are more likely to attract criminals. Let professional security discreetly make sure you are not coming into harms way. For some celebrities, you might enjoy getting to brush shoulders with your fans. Taking selfies and signing autographs are a part of your daily life. You can't seclude yourself from the public, especially when your work takes you to many public places. With a security officer by your side, we can be your eyes and ears so you can focus on the tasks at hand—whether that is walking down the red carpet or shaking hands with people in the crowd. For more information on hiring GSS Security Services for personal security, contact us today.

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Assessing the Need for Executive Protection

Although the likelihood of being a target by a terrorist or criminal is small, it increases for certain individuals—celebrities, government officials, and corporate executives. Government officials, of course, usually have their own protection, whether police or Federal Agents. Celebrities and executives must turn to the private sector.

Companies like GSS Security Services are changing the image of the bodyguard as a towering thug with sunglasses and an oversized chrome gun under his ill-fitting jacket. Today's executive protection services attempt to analyze risks, establish safety perimeters around the potential target, and if possible, neutralize threats before they ever rise to the level of hazard to the client.

Before anyone considers hiring an executive protection service detail, they should evaluate the degree of risk and the value of services provided. Executives and celebrities who travel a great deal, are in high-profile positions, or who are controversial, may require more coverage than low-key personnel. Staff whose duties take them overseas probably need a great deal of protection.

GSS officers are carefully screened and trained before assignment to executive protection detail. Excessive use of force is not only a liability to the client, it can be embarrassing and, in the case of a celebrity client, a potentially career-damaging event. Officers must have the level of maturity and self-control to assess events as they occur, and judge when an approaching individual is a danger, and when they are just a starry-eyed fan seeking an autograph.

No matter what the situation, GSS will review the client's needs, and perform an assessment of the level of protection needed, whether for a few days or longer. Professional service is a must for professional clients, and is guaranteed by GSS personnel.

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Get the Best Celebrity Protection in New York



New York City is one of the most incredible cities in the country and indeed the world. Drawing tourists and business people from all over the world, New York is a hub for many industries— including the acting industry. Aside from L.A., New York City is the main place where actors and actresses live and work. Actors aren't the only celebrities that come here though. Musicians, athletes, and dignitaries all frequent NYC. 

If you have security needs for celebrity protection in New York, GSS Security Services is the right provider for you. GSS Security has over 20 years of experience providing private security in New York City and worldwide. It began in 1993 with just 20 employees and serving only several main clients in New York City. But their expertise and demand for their services have caused them to grow to over 300 employees that serve both domestically and internationally.

People with high-profile careers often find themselves in more dangerous situations and need an added level of security. Fans, press, and paparazzi all bring an increased potential for unsafe situations. Celebrities and high-profile individuals can't focus on preventing an uncomfortable or dangerous situation from happening. That is why hiring professional security is essential.

Having taking care of a number of notable celebrities over the years, GSS Security is the company many people turn to for their security needs in New York City and when they travel. GSS Security prides themselves in professionalism and discretion, making sure to not draw too much attention to themselves and making celebrities feel safe. For more information on how GSS Security Services can help you, contact us today.

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Special Event Security Planning and Management



Major events, such as sporting events, concerts, galas, banquets, and more require extensive planning, including food preparations, guest lists, decorations, and special event security personnel. The larger the event, the more security personnel is required due to an increased risk for terrorists, criminals, and protesters. However, not all problems occur because of terrorists or criminals. Weather, equipment failure, and accidents can also influence the safety and security of guests, performers, or speakers of any major event.

When employing special event security personnel, the following 5 steps should be completed:

1. Collect and assess information regarding the event. This includes identifying stakeholders who have an interest in the event, facilitating outreach to the community, identifying a project manager, and obtaining necessary permits. 

2. Assess Possible Event Risks. This includes accounting for potential road closure, increased security, and EMS personnel. Security personnel should account for any delays that may occur after the event. Personnel should also prepare contingency plans for emergencies. 

3. Assess any external factors that may affect the event. This includes creating a traffic management plan checklist for any concurrent event. Security personnel should obtain an estimated attendance count. They should also determine what events are held concurrently within a 50 to 100 mile radius.

4. Develop a contingency plan. This includes plans for severe weather, security threats, delayed or cancelled events, unruly spectator behavior, protests or demonstrations, traffic incidents, etc. 

 5. Plan operations for the event. Security personnel should identify the goals and objectives for the event. This includes minimizing travel delays to and from the event, maintaining access for EMS personnel, as well as determining the volume of expected traffic and delays. 

Planning and carrying out security measures is a complicated part of any event. To make sure your event goes off without a hitch, contact us to ensure your event has highly qualified and trained security personnel.

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Planning a special event? Security services are changing



In the wake of the November 2015 attacks in Paris and the March bombings in Brussels, events planners face new questions about keeping people safe in large gatherings. 

Planners who were simply looking for a few unarmed uniformed guards in past years must now determine whether the festive event they are producing has the potential for becoming a target. How do you decide whether upgrading your security to include advanced features such as a K-9 Bomb Detection Unit is appropriate? 

Finding a special event security services company with the appropriate track record of success, customer satisfaction and security innovation is your first step. 

Our company, GSS Security Services, launched in order to serve the hotel, special event and entertainment industries. We are here to help you determine the best strategy for every event you plan. As we have grown and satisfied the security needs and requirements of more companies in different sectors, we have not forgotten our original focus. The original crew of 20 full and part-time employees dedicated themselves to the security of two clients in New York City. 

Over time, GSS Security Services grew to offer the skilled services of over 250 full and part-time employees to our clients. Our core clientele still include events planners and producers, along with hotel and entertainment companies who often work in collaboration. We now provide security services nationally and internationally. 

Post 9-11 security is familiar, but post-Paris and post-Brussels vigilance is on another order. Gatherings of people at concerts, sports venues, and outside security perimeters have become the new terror target of choice, while everyday concerns of unruly festival participants or gate-crashers persist, and require swift, respectful resolutions.  We offer a growing variety of available services, tailored to the vast variety of events, situations and attendees. 

Of all the facts we can give you about the need for a strategic view of security at your gatherings, the most important thing we can tell you is our own history.  It is your best introduction to our dedication and effectiveness.  Please get in touch with us early, whether before or after you choose your venue, so we can talk about the appropriate scope for securing your special event.

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All Conventions and Special Events Require Security If You Want Returning Customers

If the safety of your guests and customers is a top priority, then security services should be at the top of your requirements list. Whether you own a hotel that holds conventions, are a party planner, or work at entertainment venues, you should consider special events security. It will lower your liability, and your customers' vulnerability. 

Making sure your guests feel safe will result in their return at the next event.  It only takes one incident for your guests to feel insecure and unwilling to return. You must invest in safety if you want customers to invest in you. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that, on average, between 2004 and 2008, "purse snatchings and pocket pickings typically occur away from home." The most common locations for these crimes occurred in commercial places (39.1%) and open areas (28.2%). That means all events, with large crowds or that are open to the public, can be targets for robbery and crime. You can hire security to limit the possibility of these incidents and ensure the trust of your guests. 

From high-profile gatherings to large public events, security experts are a must. GSS Security Services can provide a personalized security plan that is tailored to you and your event. After more than 20 plus years of successful experience, GSS is equipped to handle all of your security needs. Anywhere from parking coordination to the security of entertainers, we have you covered. This is your one-stop-shop for all security plans to keep you, your employees, and your guests safe. 

Please contact us for security at your next event. 

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Advanced Workplace Security Services Tips



In the perfect scenario, a workplace would be a safe, friendly world, untouched by problems that affect other parts of society. All security services in our buildings would be trustworthy and kind. Nothing bad would ever happen. Unfortunately, the idyllic workplace does not exist. Although the possibility is remote that activities such as theft and vandalism, military or corporate espionage and personal attack could happen in your organization, you must prepare for them. Everyone wants to feel safe in the workplace but may not be able to pinpoint exactly how to make this feeling a reality.

Are you security aware? Do you have situational awareness? This list of scenarios could go on and on, and in most cases any of these actions would probably be harmless. All you'd be doing would be trusting other people or helping someone out, but the truth is that all of these are risky behavior. Similarly, letting a stranger through coded access doors or sharing the access code with anyone other than your coworkers, could also make a thief’s job easier. Your personal belongings in the workplace, your computer and other electronic devices, and your information are all worthy the best protection possible. There are many common sense things that building managers, security officers and all employees can do to enhance physical safety.

These range from alterations to office layout and outside landscaping to different ways of behaving when at the office. Locked doors, secure screen savers, and co-workers watch note for each other, are all low-cost common-sense approaches to increase workplace security. Besides, because it is often difficult to prosecute IT security crimes, physical security provides a set of real-world laws with which to prosecute intruders.

In most cases the best way of ensuring physical security in an office building is to create a series of concentric rings for protection, that make it difficult for intruders to reach the parts of the building where there are people and their possessions. This approach is called defense and depth and when you contact us, you will understand what and how it works.

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Improving Guest Experience with Hospitality Security Services

  • As a hospitality professional, you're well versed in how important a guest's experience is as they experience your service. The slightest inconvenience can influence their positive opinion of your business, and make them less likely to return in the future, provide a negative review online or to friends, or even cause them to relocate to another venue.

    It's therefore extremely important that anyone working in your venue be mindful of brand image any time they talk with a guest, and security officers are no different. Instead of being a burden or giving the impression that they're needed to combat rampant crime - a side effect some security uniforms provide - a hospitality security officer needs to provide a friendly and approachable face, while still being capable of handling any event that comes up.

    Hospitality Partners

    Having worked with numerous businesses in the hospitality industry, our hospitality security services are designed to be unobtrusive, and compliment a guest's experience. Our clients know that if their guests approach our staff or theirs, they're getting the same quality customer service experience that promotes a pleasant experience, and return visits in the future.

    Our services vary based on your specific needs, from uniformed security up to fire and life safety directors, freeing up your own staff to focus entirely on the guest experience. Our event staffing also offers you the ability to ensure the safety and well-being of special events happening in your venue regardless of size.

    On Your Side

    With over 20 years experience in the security service industry, we pride ourselves in being the go-to solution for your protection needs, making sure that your guests stay safe, secure, and continue loving your brand. To learn how our services can help your guests get the most out of the hospitality you provide, contact us.

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How Effective is Your Emergency Action Plan?


    As a business owner, you're well aware of the necessity of an emergency action plan: in fact, your insurance company requires it. Unfortunately, some business owners simply download a template and write the plan according to satisfy the insurance requirements. But that approach could leave gaping holes in your security, holes that could come back to haunt you later.

    For an individualized and workable plan, you need professionals. GSS Security Services can guide your emergency action team with our Emergency Action Plan Writing service. Emergencies can come in all sizes: from on-site accidents to fires to large-scale disasters. And you have to be ready for all of them.

    In an emergency, are these areas fully covered?

    • Is the plan clear enough that your entire staff understands it? Everyone needs to know the basics of what to do in an emergency: where the most efficient exits are and where to assemble. The plan should lay out these steps in simple, easy-to-memorize directions that translate well to emergency-sign information. You already back this up with regular emergency drills, but employees need to know it well enough so they stay focused and don't panic if the real thing happens.
    • Do you have visitors to your building? They won't know your emergency plan, but you can designate and train employees to help visitors understand what to do.
    • Do you have special-needs employees? Not everyone can get down the stairs. You need enough Evacuation Chairs and people trained to use them in an emergency. And remember you might need a chair for people who suffer sudden heart attacks, loss of consciousness, or smoke inhalation.
    • Can you protect your critical functions, data, or research? This is the heart of your business, but in an emergency it might be overlooked in the rush to get everyone safely out of the building. Be clear on what to do.
    • Do you have emergency coordinators and floor wardens – plus backups? Everyone needs to know who those people are – and who's in charge if those people are out that day.
    • Is your personnel roster up to date? Ideally, the roster should be updated every time there's an employee change.

    Contact us. Our professionals can keep your company ready to respond to emergencies by guiding you through the steps to write an effective plan, so that you and your employees are prepared and trained for maximum safety.

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Helping to Protect the Fun with Special Event Security


    Security has been a presence in human culture since at least Ancient Rome, making it no surprise that the industry has changed considerably over the years. While at one time it was the belief that only burly, uniformed officers make a difference, the culture has shifted into highly capable, but approachable, professional officers.

    Protecting the Fun Doesn't Mean Huge Sentries Posted

    In today's world, event security isn't there to enforce a bunch of rules, or run around kicking people out. It's there to ensure that the 90% of those in attendance that are doing absolutely nothing wrong are given the opportunity to have the fun they came to the event for.

    Our special event security officers are trained in being unobtrusive, but vigilant, to ensure that those that require attention to help preserve the event are handled effectively, with those that are simply there to have fun barely even notice them.

    As part of that mission to protect your fun, we offer pre-event checks that include everything from perimeter checks to sniffing for explosive devices, all done before guests even arrive. This ensures that your event is as secure as possible for both you, as well as those who come to attend.

    Scale-able Approach

    Not every event needs a huge team of special event officers, and having too few of them can cause guests to feel unsafe or become the victim of crime. Our approach to event security revolves around a scale-able approach, ensuring that the right number of our officers are at your event, in the right locations, to ensure the highest level of effectiveness possible.

    To find out how our special event officers can help your attendees have a fun time at your event, contact us today.

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Are Personal Security Services Needed for Executives?



      When you think of personal security, the picture of the secret service may come to mind. The only problem with this picture is the fact that the need for personal security services is no longer only of presidential importance. Many executives now face the need for such security in today's society and here are some reasons why.

      Social Media

      Social media is a great tool for keeping in touch, drumming up business and sharing life's wonderful moments. However, social media also presents a security risk for top executives. Many top executives employ a generation that is constantly in touch with some kind of social media via tablets or smartphones. This makes the possibility of personal information being leaked to the masses very great. Top executives enjoy the perks financially but that makes them of great risk to such crimes as kidnapping. With social media fueling the fire, any number of people may know exactly where they are at all times of the day.

      Large Crowds and Social Settings

      As an executive, the probability that many more people know who they are than they actually know themselves is astounding. In a city like New York, executives are constantly in large crowds and any of the people passing may know more about them than they could ever think possible. This can cause these executives to become a target in any social setting or even on private time. As mentioned earlier, social media opens this door and being in the "Big Apple" can create the perfect storm for crimes to happen. 

      The Bottom Line

      Executives are vital to their organizations and need to be able to fully focus on the job at hand. With personal security services, these executives can feel free to focus on what matters without worrying about traveling, being in large crowds or being found on a social media site. To learn more about this topic or any other security needs you have, please contact us.

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    3 reasons to get personal security services for your high level staff


      Is your business well known throughout the world? Does the public know the names of your high level staff, and does the media regularly provide updates as to where your people are? There are many reasons to get personal security services for your company executives. Here are three of those reasons.

      * High level employees generally have a whole list of things to do and to think about. Their personal safety should not be on that list. Investing in personal security services allows your staff to concentrate on the job you've hired them to do.

      * Sure, you have security measures at your office. But does your employee always stay in the office? If your employees travel from location to location, hiring an experienced security officer to travel with them provides consistent security, wherever they go.

      * No risk is too small of a risk. From simple harassment to kidnapping, the consequence of not having security for your high level staff can range from being an annoyance to being life threatening.

      Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. Keep them safe with personal security services from GSS Security. We have extensive experience in providing executive protection and understand the need that high level staff has to feel safe and protected, wherever their job may take them. Our security officers undergo rigorous training, physical exams, background checks, and routine drug tests so that you can have the peace of mind that the services you receive are top notch. For more information on our executive security services, contact us.

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    The benefits of special events security services from GSS Security Services


      Are you looking for a provider of special events security services? If so, then you've come to the right place. Here are just a few of the benefits of using GSS Security Services, Inc. for all of your special events security needs.

      * We are bonded, licensed, and insured.

      * We have 300 full and part time employees to ensure that we have the capacity to provide you with full service at your event, regardless of its size.

      * Our personnel has undergone rigorous background checks. Their experience has been verified. They have submitted to drug screenings and physical examinations. They meet the state requirements for trained and registered security officers and they complete yearly training that exceeds the state's expectations.

      * We can help make sure your event goes off without a hitch. We're available to help from start to finish, with permit acquisitions, equipment rental, transportation, and the coordination of parking.

      * We pay meticulous attention to detail and believe strongly in thorough pre-planning. We go over every possible scenario that could possibly happen and we know how we will respond if it does.

      * We constantly train to keep abreast of new threats and security challenges. In addition to staff, we rely on the best technology available so that you can have a safe and rewarding event.

      * We have more than 20 years of experience in providing security services for special events of all sizes. We are one of the most respected firms of this type in the world.

      * We are never starstruck. We are, instead, discreet and professional.

      These are just a few of the benefits of using GSS Security Services, Inc. for your special event. Would you like to know more? Contact us today.

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    Appropriate Security Services can Prevent a Threat Before it Begins


    Any good event is memorable because of the wonderful atmosphere, delicious food, or otherwise outstanding experience.  No one wants their event made memorable in their guest's minds due to a negative experience.  The simple inclusion of proper security services can minimize many potential security threats.


    Attendees at any event want to feel safe and protected.  An event officer can provide an elevated level of security just by being present at an event.  The public is much more well-behaved when they are accountable for their actions and most petty crimes committed are actually crimes of opportunity.  If a table of ladies excuse themselves from a dinner table to grab a cocktail, for example, likely one or more of those women will leave a purse, clutch, or phone neatly tucked under a napkin.  A lazy thief could easily slip by, unnoticed, and grab the unattended item.  This lazy thief will also notice the event officer fastidiously standing in the room and will likely think better of his actions.  The very presence of an officer in the room can prevent threats from even beginning.  The officer did not have to address the would-be criminal, he did not have to make a scene, and did not have to draw any attention to himself.  The fact he was standing in the room was enough to protect his attendees. 


    When a potential threat does need addressing, having a designated officer trained in dealing with hundreds of situations effectively and efficiently will neutralize most situations much faster.  Also, when attendees notice a potential situation they easily know whom to inform when an event officer is present.  Without that presence, it is often hard to know who an attendee can inform that will have the power, training, and effectiveness to deal with a potential situation.


    Make your next event memorable and safer by contacting us today.

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    Hotel Security You Can Depend On

    Safety and peace of mind are two things hotel guests expect when they purchase a room for the night. Guests want to know that they are safe, and that if something goes wrong that the hotel has people to fix the situation. While guests want security near to hand though, they don't want it writ large. Subtlety is the name of the game though, and it takes a deft hand to keep everyone safe without guests even noticing that security is doing its job.

    That's why GSS Security Services is a name hotels around the world put their trust in.

    What We Bring To Hotel Security

    GSS Security Services is not like other companies. Originally created to serve the retail and hotel industry, GSS has grown from humble beginnings to a company with more than 250 full and part-time employees who are experienced, trained, and ready to deliver services to our clients.

    In addition to our security personnel though GSS Security Services also offers tailored solutions to a client's needs. From loss-prevention solutions to bomb detection dogs our services run the gamut from the simple to the unusual. Whether it's special event security like a convention, or just keeping everyone safe during the holiday travel period our personnel can handle it. That's why our international client base trusts us, and it's why we continue to grow every year.

    What Can We Do For You?

    Security in the post-9/11 world is no easy thing, particularly for hotels and other businesses that may be targets. It's important to trust your safety, and your guests' safety, to a company with experience in dealing with a wide variety of threats in a calm, professional manner. To find out what GSS Security Services can do for you simply contact us today to speak to a representative.

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    Expert Hotel Security Reduces Operating Costs While Strengthening Guest Relations



    While reliable, expert hotel security staff is a necessity that both novice and expert travelers expect and deserve, offering high level security personnel that is also adept at maintaining and cultivating positive guest relations sets a venue apart from its competitors.  

    Experts in the hospitality industry understand their responsibility to provide their guests with a reasonably safe environment that includes parking lots, outdoor spaces, and hallways. While they want to protect their valued patrons with additional security during large events, they also understand that minimizing liability exposure goes a long way toward reducing overall operating costs. This makes hiring security professionals with extensive hospitality industry experience and essential component of planning a successful event. 

    Having a well-trained, OSHA certified staff is essential. For larger events, coordinators often choose to hire additional security professionals to reduce their chances of experiencing a safety incident both before and during a specific event. 

    Catering to the wants and needs of today's travelers is a multi-faceted task. Guests want to interact with the best and most knowledgeable employees the hospitality industry has to offer. Yet they remain dedicated to technology; posting reviews on popular sites and talking about their travel experiences (both positive and negative) on social media. 

    According to this article on global trends most likely to impact hospitality in 2015, "Exploration, interaction, and emotional experience is the hallmark of Millennials, the fastest growing customer segment in the hospitality industry, expected to represent 50% of all travelers by 2025."

    To learn more about how hiring an expert security team helps reduce liability exposure and overall operating costs while improving relationships with valued guests, please contact us. Thanks.

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    Seven things to consider when considering to work with special event security services.


    When planning large events there are, surely, a number of factors to contend with. You've probably had a seemingly endless list of things to work out. What to do about food, entertainment, parking, etc. You might also have considered what to do about security, and no one would be surprised. In today's world, most would be foolish not to consider how to go about booking special event security services, or what to expect when utilizing them. Some things to consider...

    1. When figuring out whom to work with and how to coordinate around the events, it's always better to contact the security adviser as early as possible. The mere addition of such services might alter the way you were planning the event. It is not uncommon to have a security provider contacted over a year in advance of the event.

    2. Expect to be somewhat flexible. Chances are, the security staff will clue you in to issues that you were not aware of. They will be factoring in a number of variables, such as the number of people attending, the number of entrances, to the amount of space in a given area. Don't be surprised if parts of the event are planned around the best ways to ensure safety during any number of possible outcomes.

    3. You and your staff may be expected to work closely with the security team, establishing communication and the running of best case scenarios on how the event might transpire.

    4. You'll need to figure out the transportation ahead of time as well. Will patrons be arriving by their own vehicle, or will transportation be provided? Will there be valet services provided? It will be best to have these details sorted out so your security team can best assess how to work them into their assessments.

    5. The same is necessary for food and drink vendors you will have attending. They will need to be alerted to the presence of the security team, and you may need to have them establish a dialogue with security as well.

    6. When searching for your security provider, make sure to look for a few key things. Ask for documentation pertaining to their state license and insurance. Make sure their insurance covers general and professional liability, as well as disability coverage. Also, make sure to look for prior law and public safety experience in the security staff.

    7. When considering pricing be sure to think about what you are paying for to happen as well as what you are paying for not to happen. Costs may seem high at first, but when you take into consideration that you are paying to ensure that the event goes of without a hitch and with personal safety provided for everyone attending, that price may seem more reasonable. 

    You no doubt want the least headaches possible, and with proper planning a security team for your special event can actually serve to make things run more smoothly. Keep in mind that guests will be expecting a great location, wonderful service, memorable entertainment, outstanding food, and the knowledge that their experience will be a safe one. For more information concerning event security, contact us.

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    Four Important Tips When Considering Personal Security Services



    Being a high-powered, public figure in New York has its perks, however it also has its security risks. Business leaders and other public figures run a higher risk of facing a range of hazardous situations in daily life than an out-of-the-spotlight employee. If the individual travels internationally, these risks expand three-fold. While these occurrences may seem unlikely, it is important to weigh the cost factors involved if such an event actually manifests. If you are considering personal executive security, these tips will help you take the first steps. 

    Ask Questions Now

    Conducting a thorough risk analysis is the first and most important step to developing a protection plan. Identify those who are most critical to your organization, assess loss impact, and acknowledge the risks that each individual could be facing. Include questions such as, do they travel to dangerous places - and if so, how often? Has there been a history of threats against each individual? To what criminal activity are they most vulnerable to? Make sure to have informative, well-researched answers to form an accurate risk analysis. 

    Knowledge Over Muscle 

    While most people immediately think of a large-necked man-in-black when they begin to ponder security, it is better to throw that stereotype to the wind. It would seem practical to have a muscular body-guard for high-risk situations, however today's personal security is more heavily based on research and preparation than on muscle and intimidation. An effective protection plan identifies threats before they materialize therefore rendering the need for muscle invalid. 

    Don't Forget The Home Life

    When considering personal security services, it is easy to forget that the most common targets of an attack are generally the spouse and child. If an executive is armed with 24-hour security, an easier route would be to harm the forgotten family. 

    It's All About The Network 

    One of the most important factors in a successful protection plan is the implementation of a solid network. You and your security team need to forge substantial connections with event organizers, hotel staff, and any executive assistants. Security personnel should ensure a collaboration with local law enforcement agencies and other security professionals as well. 

    If you are beginning to look into personal security services, please contact us for a complimentary security consultation. GSS Security Services has over 20 years in the industry, and meet and exceed all state required training, certification, and registration of security officers. Where ever you are located in the New York State area, we can meet all of your security needs. 

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    Special Event Security May Save Your Event, And You. 


      How Do I Know When To Hire Security At An Event?

      Whether your event is public, private, large or small, the safety of you and your guests is a top priority.  

      Hiring special event security is not a question of whether you need it, but rather how you will regret rejecting it when something tragic happens.  Concert goers can become rowdy.  Sporting events or even business conferences may involve some competitive crowd members.  Fights and arguments can break out when you least expect it. 

      But Who Wants to Worry About This During an Event?

      GSS Security Services has 20 years of experience in protecting guests, audiences, families, and performers.  They can provide several security options for any of your hospitality or entertainment needs.  Their objective is to keep you safe so that you can have fun. 

      When you are focusing on your event and the big picture, GSS security agents will focus on the safety and well being of everyone there.  

      Where Do They Offer Security? And For What Kind of Events?

      They are an international security team and can travel to your event.  They also believe that no venue is too small and no person too safe.  

      That's Sounds Great! What Else Does GSS Security Services Offer?

      For starters, they can provide you with their K-9 Bomb Detection squad services. They are aware that large events such as races, political speeches, and public gatherings may attract bombers and other dangerous people.  GSS Security Services  can also provide businesses with security plans for their buildings and stores.  Whether you need an action plan for emergencies at your place of business, or if you need help setting up security for loss prevention at a retail store, GSS Security Services can help you. 

      Safety should always be a top priority, but you and your guests deserve to have fun. GSS Security Services will take care of you. 


      If you have further questions or would like a quote, please contact GSS Security Services today. 



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    Hospitality Security Services For The Post 9-11 World


    It's a hospitality employee's job to try and make sure that guests have all of their needs met. Whether it's guests at a hotel, attendees at a convention, or customers at a theme park it's the staff's job to try and make sure those individuals have a pleasant experience.

    Hospitality staff isn't there to protect clients or to deal with security threats though. When situations like that arise it's best to leave those jobs to the professionals.

    GSS Hospitality Security Services

    GSS Security Services, first established in the year 1993, is a company that's built its reputation on hospitality security. Company personnel are experienced with hotel and event security, which allows them to provide a tailored service that meshes perfectly with client needs.

    Whatever a client needs, GSS Security Services provides. The company offers loss prevention services for retail clients, hospitality security for industry names, emergency action plans, special event security, executive protection for individuals that require a bodyguard, and even k-9 bomb detection services. In a post 9-11 world, where events like the Boston Marathon bombing are today's news instead of just scary stories, GSS knows that there's no such thing as playing it too safe.

    Why GSS Security Services?

    There are a lot of options when it comes to hospitality security services; why choose GSS? The obvious reason is because this New York firm has made its reputation and its business model by providing stand out service in this area. In addition to the range of different roles GSS Security Services personnel can provide for their clients the company always makes sure that its customers have the safety net they require. It's comforting to know that security is just the press of a button away, which will help the hospitality staff remain calm, composed, and confident when situations inevitably do arise.

    With over 21 years of service and experience, as well as 300 full and part time employees that have been properly trained and seasoned, GSS Security Services will make sure that both staff and guests stay safe no matter what happens.

    For more information on GSS Security Services and how we can help you simply contact us today!

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    Hotel Security: Who Is Liable for a Guest's Safety and Property?


    Who is responsible if a hotel loses a bag that's been left with the bellman? According to an article from Fox News, while state laws vary, most hotels have limited liability for guest items that have been lost or stolen. However, guests may sue the hotel for damages if the bag was lost due to employee negligence. They also can be liable if one of their employees steals from guests. This is one of the many facets of hotel securitythat you should be aware of. There are many more.

    Laws state that hotel owners can't be responsible for things they have no control of. This includes the theft of belongings that were not left in the hotel's control but rather were left by the guest and subsequently stolen by another guest.

    Hotels are expected to provide a reasonable amount of security: working locks, well-lit parking, secure windows and the like. They're also responsible for warning guests of known dangers or taking steps to address problems they know about. Some steps that could be taken include installing security cameras or providing security personnel, the article stated. Posting signs for guests that state that the hotel are not always enough to remove liability though, as the responsibility for addressing known security issues remains.

    Are you and your staff doing enough to protect the safety of your guests and their property? GSS Security Services can provide hotel safety and security training for personnel in order to ensure that all safeguards are being taken and to create a safe environment for employees and guests alike. For more information on how to obtain this training, contact us.

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    Special event security: Make sure your event is remembered fondly


    Police and casino security in Reno, NV, were reportedly gearing up recently for the 20th annual Street Vibrations fall rally. The event was anticipated to bring in about 50,000 motorcyclists and among the preparations were plans on how to keep the event fun and safe for everyone.

    The important thing about special event security is ensuring that the event is both safe as well as fun. While increased police patrol may be necessary in situations such as a motorcycle rally, the police can't always supply the level of security that you need for your event. That's where GSS Security Services comes in. Our security personnel are specifically trained for the sort of security issues that come into play at a special event. We spend the time needed before the event takes place considering every possible scenario and how we will respond if that scenario happens.

    We can provide uniformed security services if you desire, or -- if preferable -- we can blend into the crowd so that our presence doesn't become a focus of your event. We also work well with hotel and other venue security in addition to the local police.

    Additionally, we provide not only security services but other event services as well, including acquiring permits, renting equipment, transportation preparation, and parking coordination. You can count on us to make sure that all facets of your special event go off without a hitch and that the event is remembered fondly. For more information on our special event security services and the other security services we provide, contact us.

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    Three sure-fire ways to secure your special event

    You want to be certain that you have all your bases covered when you are running a special event, right down to the special event security that will make your attendees, guest speakers, and staff feel secure. We are security experts, and we wanted to offer you three sure-fire tips to make your next event safe. 

    • Publish event guidelines in advance: It may not seem like much, but you'll streamline the event and prevent a number of security problems by publishing your guidelines ahead of time. If you have a special policy regarding what bags attendees are allowed to bring, or if you will not allow any liquids onsite, release these guidelines on the event website. This way, most guests can ensure that they do not bring anything that is prohibited, and all guests can get into the event quickly because door security personnel will be screening fewer items. 
    • Hire special event officers: Special event officers are perhaps the number one way that you can make your event secure. By hiring special events officers in advance, you effectively outsource your security needs to a skilled provider who has experience recognizing and neutralizing security fights. From uninvited guests to drugs on the premises, special events officers can take care of the problem without bothering other guests. This will give you the peace of mind to enjoy the event and focus on making it a success for all of your guests. 
    • Keep staff and volunteers in the loop: While you may not want to tell staff or volunteers about stressors, it's important to keep them in the loop if you have specific security concerns. This way, if they see a potential problem, they can alert security and get it taken care of faster. 

    To talk more about hiring security for your next event, please contact us. Thanks.

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    What to look for when you need personal security services

    Are you in New York and in need of personal security services? If so, do you know what you're looking for? Here is a list of some of the questions and considerations involved in choosing someone to provide personal security.

    Training. Does the person or company you're considering meet New York's requirements for training and registration of security officers? Does this individual or the staff of this security company have verifiable experience in providing security? Are they subjected to regular drug tests and rigorous physical exams as part of their employment as a security officer?

    Commitment to the Job. Will your security officer go where you go? Will he or she be available and on the job whether you're at the office, at home, or traveling internationally? Is he or she going to be available even when the security risk is relatively low, with the firm understanding that something can happen anywhere and at any time?

    Discretion. Will your security officer understand and respect the importance of your privacy and your reputation. Will he or she be content to not only remain in the background but also blend into it if need be?

    Insight. Does the individual under consideration possess the intelligence to act precisely in any given situation and to detect the potential for trouble before it escalates into a situation?

    There is, of course, much more to consider. If you're in need of personal security services, you can trust GSS Security Services. We understand that in today's economic and political climate, personal security is paramount. We offer a variety of professional programs to fit your specific security needs. For more information, contact us.

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    What We Learned About Special Event Security From the Boston Marathon

    special event security

    On April 15, 2013, approximately 32,000 runners prepared to finish the race of a lifetime. Professional runners and amateurs alike crossed the finish line, as Boston's crowds cheered their success. It was the American dream -- working hard and finally achieving an incredible goal.

    At 2:49 p.m. EST, a "pressure cooker" bomb exploded near the finish line, followed by a second explosion just 12 seconds later. Three of the runners lost their lives, and another 264 were injured. How did this happen? Most importantly, what did security experts learn to help prevent such a tragedy in the future?

    Security Presence Versus Security Activity

    As the media swarmed onto the scene following the attack, a number of participants and spectators were interviewed about the security measures in place before the attack happened. Some spectators reported seeing droves of security officers, but few were stopped, questioned, or searched as they approached the finish line.

    Having a security force in place doesn't deter such an act of terror unless the officers are active in identifying and neutralizing threats. It is important to establish checkpoints along any route people can take to the event. Furthermore, the use of bomb dogs and other measures could have greatly reduced the chances of the bombers getting to the finish line and detonating their bombs.

    Having Fun Versus Being Safe

    The unfortunate aftermath of 9/11 is sacrificing a certain amount of privacy and freedom in order to remain safe. During the Boston Marathon, security forces patrolled the area, but avoided actions that could have hindered the crowd's enjoyment of the event. For the 2014 event, the organizers of the event instituted additional safety measures, including restricting items like baggage, coolers, containers, blankets, costumes, and props from the spectator areas and finish line.

    By limiting what spectators could bring, organizers and security personnel were able to greatly reduce the chances of another terrorist sneaking in bombs. Event organizers often have to make decisions between allowing the crowd to have fun and offering a safe, secure environment for the event.

    Public Versus Private Security

    Seventeen different law enforcement agencies participated in the security of the 2013 Boston Marathon. Obviously, when multiple groups are involved, things get overlooked and slip through the cracks. Agency A thinks a particular task belongs to Agency B, and Agency C fails to pass important information along to Agency D. Though multiple agencies can bring additional personnel, equipment, knowledge, and perspective, the confusion can sometimes hinder the effectiveness of the security teams. Many event organizers might well decide that hiring a private special event security organization is more practical and effective than depending on large teams comprised of multiple government agencies.

    Unlike running a marathon, security is an industry that never reaches its finish line. As would-be terrorists develop new ways to cause trouble, security experts have to adapt and create new ways of stopping them. Even a tragedy like the Boston Marathon bombing becomes an important learning tool, teaching security experts more about stopping evildoers in their tracks.

    If you need state-of-the-art event security, contact us. GSS Security has over 20 years' experience in successfully keeping event performers and attendants safe from harm. See how a professional team of private security experts can boost confidence in your event while allowing the crowd to have the incredible time they came for. At GSS, security is an American tradition.







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    Important Tips on Hiring Special Event Security Services


    If you are planning a special event, then hiring special event security services may be necessary to keep guests safe and ensure guests are able to enjoy their time without worry. 

    When choosing the right special event security, there are important things you will want to consider such as:

    Checking Licensing

    The event security you hire must be licensed. A licensed staff will guarantee they have proper training to know what needs to be done in certain situations. Security staff can be licensed for different reasons such as having a license allowing them to carry a firearm and more. Licensing is there to keep everyone safe. 

    Being Mindful of Reputation

    Event security services with a great reputation will give you peace of mind that the services have the capability to provide the best and secure services. Plus knowing what other events they may have serviced in the past can be helpful to determining whether or not the services are the right choice for you. 

    Knowing the Management

    Special security staff members are sent out through the company they work for. You want to be sure that the company provides high quality staff members for their customers. This means that the company provides their staff with the proper amount of training and knowledge to provide the high quality services you are looking for. 

    Putting Together a Contract

    When you hire special event security, there must be a contract made that discusses the specific services that will be provided at your event along with the price you will pay for their time. If something goes wrong, a signed contract will ensure that you are not paying for services that were not carried out properly. 

    For more information about special event security, contact us. Here at GSS Security Services, we can provide all of the above to ensure you receive a great experience with special event security services.

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    You Take Event SECURITY Seriously - Special Event Security Services is Our BUSINESS!

    Your responsibility to keep everyone safe at your special event can mean many sleepless nights. At GSS Security Services, "We Get That!"  We will work with you to minimize risk, secure facilities and most important keep attendees safe.

    The bigger the event, the higher the risk.  If your event is in the public eye it can potentially attract all kinds of unwanted attention.  

    Prior to your event, our team of Security Professionals can help with:

    • Security Planning prior to the event
    • Staff Screening - many events are compromised from the inside
    • Physical Planning - be sure your physical site is "assault proof"

    The days before and after the event, we can work with you and local authorities to:

    • Secure the Perimeter - Be ready in advance
    • Security Checkpoints - Check for weapons and anything else you don't want inside the event
    • Protect Celebrities and Performers - They are too often the main targets of attackers and intruders
    • Protect Your Guests and Attendees - The more attendees you have, the more attention it will attract.  We will protect them from harm while not detracting from the event. 
    • Be Prepared for Crowd Control - Here you will want a "Show of Force" to protect performers, stages, fields, etc. 
    • Under Cover Agents in the Crowd - They are the eyes and ears of the security for the event
    • Check for Bombs and Other Attempts to Disrupt the Event - We have a K-9 Unit trained in bomb discovery.

    We have been providing special event security services for special events in and around metropolitan New York City for many years.  We have a full time staff of over 250 security professionals and can bring more trained personnel on as necessary for a specific event.

    "Don't trust your event security needs to an unknown." Call GSS at 212.764.5400 or contact us for a free consultation. With over 20 years of experience, we are dedicated to helping our clients sleep better at night. "We Get It!"

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    Need Personal Security Services for Company Executives and their Families?

    As the threat level for kidnappings, assaults, home invasions and other intrusions increase, protecting high profile executives and their families is of paramount importance. GSS Security Services, has been providing personal security services for over 20 years.

    Because we work with celebrities and executives on a regular basis, we understand all the risks they are subject to, the need for discretion and the importance of keeping everyone safe at all times, no matter what!

    As reported in the NY Times, kidnapping of corporate executives or the families for ransom is on the rise.  In this particular case, a chauffeur hired by the kidnappers was instrumental in the bogus police security check that resulted in the seizure of a Dutch Marketing Consultant lured to a fake sheet metal buy.

    Mark Hall from Air Security International, told CNN, “there is probably anywhere between 8,000 to 10,000 kidnap and ransom situations globally on an annual basis,” 

    Threats are everywhere and they are on the rise. GSS personal security services include:

    • Full time round the clock family protection at home and on the go
    • Special event protection
    • Visiting executive protection details
    • Travel assignments for when executives leave the area

    We have been providing personal security services for celebrities and executives for over 20 years. We have a full time staff of over 250 security professionals and can bring more trained personnel on as necessary for special assignments. 

    "Don't trust the safety of your executives and their families to an unknown." Call GSS at 212.764.5400 or contact us for a free consultation.

    With over 20 years of experience, we are dedicated to helping our clients sleep better at night. "We Get It!"

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    Don't trust just anyone with your special event security

    Posted on: 29 May 2014

    The plans for your event have been in the works for months. You've been dreaming of this night for a very long time. Something as important as this event doesn't come around very often. When it's this big, don't trust just anyone with your special event security.

    GSS Security Services Inc. has 20+ years in the arena of special events security. We don't get star-struck by your famous guests, and we leave nothing to chance. Instead, what we can provide you is discreet, professional security services. Attention to detail. A tremendous amount of training and on-the-job experience. 

    Whether you're hosting the most intimate of gatherings or the biggest, most well-attended gala, we offer complete event security services including permit acquisition, equipment rental, transportation, and parking coordination.

    Your safety is paramount. Our highly qualified personnel have undergone extensive background checks. They've been regularly subjected to drug tests. They've undergone rigorous physical fitness tests. They continue with ongoing training so that they are on top of their game and they learn to use and are comfortable with state of the art technology. 

    You've been planning this event for a long time. GSS Security Services wants you to enjoy it while we provide the best and most comprehensive special event security services available. For more information, contact us.

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    Trust GSS Security Services, Inc. for your personal security services

    Do you have a high level or high profile job that could make you a target for criminal activity, including stalking, harassment, or even kidnapping? Those risks are present any time you're in a place where you could be recognized. And while it may be tempting to simply ignore the risks as you go on with your busy life, we have a better solution: personal security services from GSS Security Services, Inc.

    We can provide discreet and individualized security wherever your job and your life may take you. Our employees have years of training and experience to blend in any situation you find yourself in and to serve your security needs in a highly professional manner. Likewise, if you own a business and have high level, highly recognizable staff, consider personal security for your employees as a wise investment that ensures that they are well protected and able to concentrate more fully on their jobs.

    We leave nothing to chance, and you can rest assured that we've put hours into anticipating anything that could possibly happen in your personal circumstances and what our responses would be. All of our staff is background checked and experience verified, and subjected to drug tests and physical exams. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured, and we invite you to ask to see the papers that prove this.

    Your life and your safety is important. Don't trust your personal security to just anyone. For more information on our services or to schedule your free security consultation, contact us today.

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    Things to Consider before Hiring Special Event Security Services 

    If you’re planning on hosting any type of event, you’ll need to make sure you provide for the safety of everyone in attendance. This sometimes means hiring special event security services to help you keep an eye on the comings and goings taking place around you. Not all security companies are the same, so here are some things you should keep in mind before you hire one.

    Are the special event officers licensed?

    Depending upon where you are located, special event officers may need to be licensed in order to act in an official capacity. Even if they‘re not required to be licensed, it can still be a good idea to hire personnel that are, as you can be sure they have been thoroughly screened prior to being hired.

    Will the special event officers be wearing uniforms?

    Depending on the nature of your event, you may prefer to have officers in uniform, as the presence of uniformed security personnel tends to deter people from performing illicit acts. If you expect a very large crowd, this could be a better option, since you never quite know who might show up.

    On the other hand, if you’re planning an event, where the presence of uniformed officers might cause your guests to feel stifled rather than laid back and casual. In this case, you may want a special event officer that’s dressed in just a polo shirt and khaki pants instead.

    How many special event officers can you provide me with?

    It’s also a good idea to know how many special event officers you’re going to be provided with. Simply signing a contract for security services is not enough these days. You need to know how many people will be patrolling your area at any given time in order to make sure you are getting the right amount of coverage for the money you are spending.

    Have there been any complaints against your agency lately?

    While asking this is a good idea, you should also do your own research and find out a little bit about a company as well. Check online reviews as well as the Better Business Bureau to find out what other people have to say about a particular company. If you know others who have recently planned similar events, you could find out a wealth of information by talking with them about different security companies as well.

    What type of insurance coverage do you provide?

    The answer to this question is very important, as it could leave you liable for damages if the company you hire does not have adequate coverage.

    Here at GSS Security Services, we promise to take care of all your special event security needs in exactly the right manner so that you will have nothing to worry about. To find out more about the services we provide, contact us.
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    Choose the Right Special Events Security Services

    There is no denying the importance of security services when hosting important events. Special events call for attention to every detail in ensuring the safety and security of the event and all attendees. Security is needed for many types of events, including film premieres, galas, grand openings, concerts, exhibitions, product launches and private parties. Listed below are details should you look for when choosing special events security services?

    Proven Track Record

    Look for a company that has a proven track record of providing security for the type of event your are hosting. A good security service will have the resources needed to provide VIP and celebrity Executive Protection Officers , along with adequate personnel to ensure the event runs smoothly while providing protection from threats. They may also be able to acquire the necessary permits and coordinate equipment rentals, transportation and parking for the event.

    Qualified Staff

    Make sure the staff members are qualified, professional and reliable. They should be capable of successfully managing events of all sizes, and in venues of various types. Security personnel should be able to project a strong presence when desired to discourage potential troublemakers from attempting to cause problems. They should also be able to blend into the crowd and be inconspicuous when that is appropriate.


    The security company should encourage open communication with their personnel to ensure that every detail is covered and the event proceeds in an organized and safe manner. Communicate with the security staff as much as possible about the venue, the number of people attending, possible threats and points of entry and exit. Discuss plans for evacuation in case of emergency.

    Once you have selected the location for the event, make sure that your provider is able to offer services that fit your needs in that particular area. Also make sure that your security provider is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

    Special event security services are crucial for your event's success. GSS Security Services is one of the nation's leading security companies, with 20+ years of experiences providing security services throughout the New York City area. Contact us to learn more about how we can help keep your special event safe and secure.

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    5 Reasons to use GSS Security Hospitality Services

    #1: Maids aren't trained to evict guests – and neither are your hotel's customer service representatives or other employees. GSS Hospitality Security Services train personnel to handle everything from mild disturbances of hotel guests to situations that call for eviction and even arrest. You want your hotel employees focused on satisfying and making your hotel guests feel welcome, happy, and secure.

    #2: Security presence sends a message of safety and compliance – Hotel guests want to know that they are safe when staying at your hotel. By having security presence, hotel guests can feel secure that their lives and belongings are safe under your roof. It also sends a message to potential guests who may be disruptive that they will not get away with unlawful or otherwise inappropriate behavior while staying at your hotel.

    #3: Hotel safety programs create safe employee consciousness – While you don't want maids and customer service reps handling (or restraining) difficult clientele, employees need to be aware of certain risk factors. GSS provides training programs that make your employees aware of, for example, blood borne pathogens, proper lifting techniques, and even food safety. Remember, safety and security is a joint effort that should be implemented by seasoned professionals!

    #4: Hospitality Security Services decrease liability and loss – From theft to guest accidents, trained security professional decrease the liability and loss factors of operating a hotel. They are trained to notice suspicious behavior and activities that your hotel employees may never notice. By having professionals take care of these details, staff has more time to focus on the hospitality factors that make good hotel guests come back again and again.

    #5: GSS provides event security – From business conferences to wedding receptions, your hotel may play host to a number of events for your guests. Events, however, bring-in outsiders that may not even stay at your hotel, which increases the need for effective security. From attendees that do not know how to handle their alcohol consumption to disagreements among guests, you never know when a trained security professional will be of immediate need during a hotel event!

    For more information about the excellent hospitality security services offered by GSS, contact us.

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    Why Having Excellent Security Services Matters.

    Having any sort of business that does anything of value, needs to have a way to secure the goods and people involved in creating and maintaining that value. All businesses need to be concerned about the security of their business. The benefits associated with having a robust and healthy security platform with which one can depend on is invaluable. 

    When people are concerned about their safety or the safety of their products, they are not able to work to the best of their ability or, for situations such as events, be able to have as much fun as they otherwise would if they knew they were secure and being watched over. Having great security is not just about maintaining safety, it is also about providing the peace of mind that comes with that safety. When people know they are safe, they are more productive and happier in general, which reflects on the business as a whole. 

    One of the most important parts of excellent security is having experienced personnel that are not only seasoned professionals, but are also adept at handling real-world situations in a way that cannot be taught in a classroom or handbook. When  looking for a company to handle security needs, the history of the company, its recent growth and prospective growth are all important things to consider. 

    Event planning is not always easy work but can be quite fun when one can focus on the "event planning" aspect of it rather than also trying to possibly be the bouncer, door guy, person watching the cameras and so on. If you would like to know more about security services in general or about how we can be of assistance to you for your next event or big idea, please feel free to contact us.

    Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you. 

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    Meeting The Needs Of Special Events Security

    One of the main concerns when holding any type of special event is providing security. In many cases event organizers know that trying to hire and train their own security is simply too expensive. It also would add to their administrative burden for organizing the event. Hiring a firm with trained and experienced security personnel can provide many benefits.

    According to an article in Security Magazine, “The benefits of outsourcing security officers or operating a proprietary force are variable...Increase flexibility to meet changing business and security conditions...Leverage contractors project management experience, security expertise and investment in people, equipment and technology.”

    Cost Effective

    The costs associated with providing special event security can be reduced by outsourcing security personnel. The fees charged are based on the most recent market price ranges. It reduces administrative requirements for a special event. Since there is competition for providing security companies who use them know they're getting the best price.

    High Standards

    A company that provides security must be competitive. They know that their reputation is on the line every special event they work. Having experience when it come to providing event security is essential. Only employees who have maintained high standards are provided. These are properly trained individuals who have proven themselves during past events. Successfully providing special event security is as important to the security company as it is to the event organizers.


    An event organizer has many things that compete for their attention. A security company is focused on providing the best event security possible. They know how to properly monitor, correct and improve the behavior of their employees. If there is a problem with performance, it is addressed immediately.


    When organizing a special event many things can change. Security needs may also change. Many security companies will be able to meet any changing needs that may occur. At times it can be difficult to anticipate the response to an event. Additional security needs can be addressed as needed.

    If you would like to know more about special events security we can help. Contact us today and learn more.

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    The Benefits of Hiring Hotel Security

    As a business owner, it is important to ensure that you are having your business operate at exceptional levels. This provides the most efficiently run business that will then cut costs in the long run. There are plenty of ways to make this possible, including hiring Hotel Security. This is because hotel security reduces chances of liability issues that could potentially arise.

    Hotel security services include:


    You will see that with hotel security that is highly trained, they will deter any crimes from happening in the area. Thus ensuring that there is no risk to anyone getting hurt on the property. 

    Handling Situations:

    The security that you hire will be trained and skilled to ensure that no one is hurt if any crimes do happen. They will be sure that all guests are stayed clear of the area that can be dangerous and threatening to their well being. This then protects your business from any liability issues that could arise.

    Training to Deal with Crime:

    Hotel security is highly trained to deal with any crime that may be in or around the hotel. It is up to you if you want to hire armed or unarmed security. Either way, both are trained to know how to do their jobs efficiently. They can call the right authorities and maintain the situation in an effective way. 

    If you need to know more about hotel security, contact us. We can help you with your hotel security needs to ensure that you have the right security around to keep your business running smoothly and without problems that can raise issues with any costs that could otherwise be avoided. You will know all about their training and what services they will bring to benefit your business overall.

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    Three reasons not to ignore Special Event Security

    With thoughts often turning toward shaving dollars off the budget, you may be tempted to let special event security go. You may feel it's too much trouble or maybe it seems like there is too little to be gained. Trust us, we have three big reasons why you shouldn't ignore special event security.

    • Peace of mind: We live in an uncertain world, but one thing is certain: where there are fancy events, there will be unauthorized people trying to get in. Security personnel not only guard the people attending a special event, but also provide an extra measure to make sure those that are supposed to be there are the only ones that get in. This helps keep the trouble out so you can focus on all the little details of making the event go just right.
    • An extra hand: You're event has a lot of details. GSS has the resources and capability to provide complete event services for all activities, regardless of magnitude. This means we can provide a helping hand to acquire permits, rent equipment, and help coordinate transportation and parking. Let us take care of these details while you take care of others.
    • Discreet: Professionalism, expertise, and courteousness are all marks of GSS. We have nothing but poise when ensuring the safety of the event staff and attendees to the event, during the event, and even after the event. How? We dress the part and stay in the background. While the cameras are focused on the event, so are we. The goal is to let the event shine every moment without trouble.

    With all of these great details, there is one that we have over looked. Having security personnel at a special event can often bring the staff peace of mind knowing that there is an extra set of hands to make sure that the small details assuring the attendee's safety are not overlooked. This gives them the ability to focus on providing the luster your event deserves.

    Would you like to know how else we can help your event go off without a hitch? To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

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