#1: Maids aren't trained to evict guests – and neither are your hotel's customer service representatives or other employees. GSS Hospitality Security Services train personnel to handle everything from mild disturbances of hotel guests to situations that call for eviction and even arrest. You want your hotel employees focused on satisfying and making your hotel guests feel welcome, happy, and secure.

#2: Security presence sends a message of safety and compliance – Hotel guests want to know that they are safe when staying at your hotel. By having security presence, hotel guests can feel secure that their lives and belongings are safe under your roof. It also sends a message to potential guests who may be disruptive that they will not get away with unlawful or otherwise inappropriate behavior while staying at your hotel.

#3: Hotel safety programs create safe employee consciousness – While you don't want maids and customer service reps handling (or restraining) difficult clientele, employees need to be aware of certain risk factors. GSS provides training programs that make your employees aware of, for example, blood borne pathogens, proper lifting techniques, and even food safety. Remember, safety and security is a joint effort that should be implemented by seasoned professionals!

#4: Hospitality Security Services decrease liability and loss – From theft to guest accidents, trained security professional decrease the liability and loss factors of operating a hotel. They are trained to notice suspicious behavior and activities that your hotel employees may never notice. By having professionals take care of these details, staff has more time to focus on the hospitality factors that make good hotel guests come back again and again.

#5: GSS provides event security – From business conferences to wedding receptions, your hotel may play host to a number of events for your guests. Events, however, bring-in outsiders that may not even stay at your hotel, which increases the need for effective security. From attendees that do not know how to handle their alcohol consumption to disagreements among guests, you never know when a trained security professional will be of immediate need during a hotel event!

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