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All Hotel Employees Have a Responsibility to Support Safety & Security


Due to the nature of the industry, hotels carry enormous liability risks, whether from accidents to illnesses. GSS Security Services believes that all hotel employees have an individual responsibility to support the Hotels Safety and Security program where they work. We also feel this responsibility and have, therefore, developed a Safety and Security program.

Through our New York state certified security team and our certified Fire Safety Directors, hotel employees can learn about security issues such as how to prevent general liabilities, dealing with guests and guest room security, key controls, the concept of "see something, say something," and how to deal with undesirables on the property. In addition, employees will receive training on OSHA Safety subjects such as blood borne pathogens, hazardous communications, fire safety, proper lifting techniques, personal protective equipment, slips, trips and falls, lockout/tagout, bed bug inspections, risk assessments, and food safety.

In addition to our training program, GSS Security Services also provides security at hotel-hosted events as well as visits to the hotel by dignitaries. We've had years of experience in providing hotel security and are trained to detect the signs of a potential risk and to address that risk before it disrupts important events or the comfort of hotel guests. Our staff is able to "blend" into any situation, preventing guests from feeling like they're being watched or growing concerned about the security presence.

Any time the public is allowed onto a company's premises, there is a potential security issue. For hotels, the presence of overnight guests and others attending special events, the potential is even greater. We can help. For more information on our Safety and Security program or our hotel security services, contact us today.

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