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Emergency - Does your Hospitality Security Service Provide an Emergency Action Plan

"Did you know that up to forty percent of businesses affected by a natural or human-caused disaster never reopen? Yet in spite of the obvious benefits of having an emergency plan in place, nearly two-thirds of respondents to an Ad Council survey reported their business do not have one."  Department of Homeland Security

Is your facility fully prepared for emergencies? Do you have an Emergency Action Plan in Place? Are you working with a professional Hospitality Security Services firm to keep it up to date? Do you test it on a regular basis?  

One of the more obvious concerns you will want to address is what to do in the event of a terrorist attack.  Here is an excellent primer from the Department of Homeland Security on how to Prepare Your Business for an Emergency.  They suggest you:

  1. Create a Preparedness Program
  2. Gather Information and Create a Plan
  3. Consider How to Train and Implement the Plan
  4. Test the Plan with Different Exercises
  5. Evaluate and Improve

Virtually every public and private gathering is a target today and this is not the time to go online and download a template. The security of your facility, guests and staff is at risk every minute of every day.  

Your staff needs to be trained on how to respond to all types of emergencies. GSS will guide you in creating a REAL Emergency Action Plan, work with you to train your staff and then test your plan for vulnerabilities.  

View the Elements of the GSS Emergency Action Program Here

If you do not have an Emergency Action Plan in place now or need yours updated or tested, contact us.  We are GSS Security Services and security is our only business!

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