While reliable, expert hotel security staff is a necessity that both novice and expert travelers expect and deserve, offering high level security personnel that is also adept at maintaining and cultivating positive guest relations sets a venue apart from its competitors.  

Experts in the hospitality industry understand their responsibility to provide their guests with a reasonably safe environment that includes parking lots, outdoor spaces, and hallways. While they want to protect their valued patrons with additional security during large events, they also understand that minimizing liability exposure goes a long way toward reducing overall operating costs. This makes hiring security professionals with extensive hospitality industry experience and essential component of planning a successful event. 

Having a well-trained, OSHA certified staff is essential. For larger events, coordinators often choose to hire additional security professionals to reduce their chances of experiencing a safety incident both before and during a specific event. 

Catering to the wants and needs of today's travelers is a multi-faceted task. Guests want to interact with the best and most knowledgeable employees the hospitality industry has to offer. Yet they remain dedicated to technology; posting reviews on popular sites and talking about their travel experiences (both positive and negative) on social media. 

According to this article on global trends most likely to impact hospitality in 2015, "Exploration, interaction, and emotional experience is the hallmark of Millennials, the fastest growing customer segment in the hospitality industry, expected to represent 50% of all travelers by 2025."

To learn more about how hiring an expert security team helps reduce liability exposure and overall operating costs while improving relationships with valued guests, please contact us. Thanks.