Four Important Tips When Considering Personal Security Services



Being a high-powered, public figure in New York has its perks, however it also has its security risks. Business leaders and other public figures run a higher risk of facing a range of hazardous situations in daily life than an out-of-the-spotlight employee. If the individual travels internationally, these risks expand three-fold. While these occurrences may seem unlikely, it is important to weigh the cost factors involved if such an event actually manifests. If you are considering personal executive security, these tips will help you take the first steps. 

Ask Questions Now

Conducting a thorough risk analysis is the first and most important step to developing a protection plan. Identify those who are most critical to your organization, assess loss impact, and acknowledge the risks that each individual could be facing. Include questions such as, do they travel to dangerous places - and if so, how often? Has there been a history of threats against each individual? To what criminal activity are they most vulnerable to? Make sure to have informative, well-researched answers to form an accurate risk analysis. 

Knowledge Over Muscle 

While most people immediately think of a large-necked man-in-black when they begin to ponder security, it is better to throw that stereotype to the wind. It would seem practical to have a muscular body-guard for high-risk situations, however today's personal security is more heavily based on research and preparation than on muscle and intimidation. An effective protection plan identifies threats before they materialize therefore rendering the need for muscle invalid. 

Don't Forget The Home Life

When considering personal security services, it is easy to forget that the most common targets of an attack are generally the spouse and child. If an executive is armed with 24-hour security, an easier route would be to harm the forgotten family. 

It's All About The Network 

One of the most important factors in a successful protection plan is the implementation of a solid network. You and your security team need to forge substantial connections with event organizers, hotel staff, and any executive assistants. Security personnel should ensure a collaboration with local law enforcement agencies and other security professionals as well. 

If you are beginning to look into personal security services, please contact us for a complimentary security consultation. GSS Security Services has over 20 years in the industry, and meet and exceed all state required training, certification, and registration of security officers. Where ever you are located in the New York State area, we can meet all of your security needs. 

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