It's a hospitality employee's job to try and make sure that guests have all of their needs met. Whether it's guests at a hotel, attendees at a convention, or customers at a theme park it's the staff's job to try and make sure those individuals have a pleasant experience.

Hospitality staff isn't there to protect clients or to deal with security threats though. When situations like that arise it's best to leave those jobs to the professionals.

GSS Hospitality Security Services

GSS Security Services, first established in the year 1993, is a company that's built its reputation on hospitality security. Company personnel are experienced with hotel and event security, which allows them to provide a tailored service that meshes perfectly with client needs.

Whatever a client needs, GSS Security Services provides. The company offers loss prevention services for retail clients, hospitality security for industry names, emergency action plans, special event security, executive protection for individuals that require a bodyguard, and even k-9 bomb detection services. In a post 9-11 world, where events like the Boston Marathon bombing are today's news instead of just scary stories, GSS knows that there's no such thing as playing it too safe.

Why GSS Security Services?

There are a lot of options when it comes to hospitality security services; why choose GSS? The obvious reason is because this New York firm has made its reputation and its business model by providing stand out service in this area. In addition to the range of different roles GSS Security Services personnel can provide for their clients the company always makes sure that its customers have the safety net they require. It's comforting to know that security is just the press of a button away, which will help the hospitality staff remain calm, composed, and confident when situations inevitably do arise.

With over 21 years of service and experience, as well as 300 full and part time employees that have been properly trained and seasoned, GSS Security Services will make sure that both staff and guests stay safe no matter what happens.

For more information on GSS Security Services and how we can help you simply contact us today!