Who is responsible if a hotel loses a bag that's been left with the bellman? According to an article from Fox News, while state laws vary, most hotels have limited liability for guest items that have been lost or stolen. However, guests may sue the hotel for damages if the bag was lost due to employee negligence. They also can be liable if one of their employees steals from guests. This is one of the many facets of hotel securitythat you should be aware of. There are many more.

Laws state that hotel owners can't be responsible for things they have no control of. This includes the theft of belongings that were not left in the hotel's control but rather were left by the guest and subsequently stolen by another guest.

Hotels are expected to provide a reasonable amount of security: working locks, well-lit parking, secure windows and the like. They're also responsible for warning guests of known dangers or taking steps to address problems they know about. Some steps that could be taken include installing security cameras or providing security personnel, the article stated. Posting signs for guests that state that the hotel are not always enough to remove liability though, as the responsibility for addressing known security issues remains.

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