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Let GSS Handle Your Hotel and Hospitality Security Services

If you're in the hospitality business, you know that a luncheon or other special event at your establishment can be anything but business as usual. There is always the potential of people who weren't invited showing up at the event, or people who were invited acting inappropriately. Because situations -- especially those involving alcohol -- can quickly escalate, good hospitality security services are needed for such occasions.

GSS staff is specifically trained to detect potentially embarrassing or dangerous situations before they occur and address them promptly and discreetly. Further, staff is trained to blend into any situation so that they can provide security services for your special event and keep the event running smoothly without becoming a distraction or making guests feel like they're being watched. 

Hotel events and visits by dignitaries are a specialty of GSS Security Services, and our staff is ready to provide daily security detail or special event security at hotel gatherings. We also provide a Safety and Security program for hotel employees in order to train them on important aspects of their jobs, including safety issues like blood borne pathogens, food and fire safety and much more; as well as security issues including undesirables on property, guest room safety, and the concept of see something say something.

Hotels and hospitality events are two very good reasons for security. When it comes to security, we are New York State certified and equipped to meet your needs. For more information about our services, including special events services and our hotel Safety and Security program, contact us.

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