When planning large events there are, surely, a number of factors to contend with. You've probably had a seemingly endless list of things to work out. What to do about food, entertainment, parking, etc. You might also have considered what to do about security, and no one would be surprised. In today's world, most would be foolish not to consider how to go about booking special event security services, or what to expect when utilizing them. Some things to consider...

1. When figuring out whom to work with and how to coordinate around the events, it's always better to contact the security adviser as early as possible. The mere addition of such services might alter the way you were planning the event. It is not uncommon to have a security provider contacted over a year in advance of the event.

2. Expect to be somewhat flexible. Chances are, the security staff will clue you in to issues that you were not aware of. They will be factoring in a number of variables, such as the number of people attending, the number of entrances, to the amount of space in a given area. Don't be surprised if parts of the event are planned around the best ways to ensure safety during any number of possible outcomes.

3. You and your staff may be expected to work closely with the security team, establishing communication and the running of best case scenarios on how the event might transpire.

4. You'll need to figure out the transportation ahead of time as well. Will patrons be arriving by their own vehicle, or will transportation be provided? Will there be valet services provided? It will be best to have these details sorted out so your security team can best assess how to work them into their assessments.

5. The same is necessary for food and drink vendors you will have attending. They will need to be alerted to the presence of the security team, and you may need to have them establish a dialogue with security as well.

6. When searching for your security provider, make sure to look for a few key things. Ask for documentation pertaining to their state license and insurance. Make sure their insurance covers general and professional liability, as well as disability coverage. Also, make sure to look for prior law and public safety experience in the security staff.

7. When considering pricing be sure to think about what you are paying for to happen as well as what you are paying for not to happen. Costs may seem high at first, but when you take into consideration that you are paying to ensure that the event goes of without a hitch and with personal safety provided for everyone attending, that price may seem more reasonable. 

You no doubt want the least headaches possible, and with proper planning a security team for your special event can actually serve to make things run more smoothly. Keep in mind that guests will be expecting a great location, wonderful service, memorable entertainment, outstanding food, and the knowledge that their experience will be a safe one. For more information concerning event security, contact us.