You want to be certain that you have all your bases covered when you are running a special event, right down to the special event security that will make your attendees, guest speakers, and staff feel secure. We are security experts, and we wanted to offer you three sure-fire tips to make your next event safe. 

  • Publish event guidelines in advance: It may not seem like much, but you'll streamline the event and prevent a number of security problems by publishing your guidelines ahead of time. If you have a special policy regarding what bags attendees are allowed to bring, or if you will not allow any liquids onsite, release these guidelines on the event website. This way, most guests can ensure that they do not bring anything that is prohibited, and all guests can get into the event quickly because door security personnel will be screening fewer items. 
  • Hire special event officers: Special event officers are perhaps the number one way that you can make your event secure. By hiring special events officers in advance, you effectively outsource your security needs to a skilled provider who has experience recognizing and neutralizing security fights. From uninvited guests to drugs on the premises, special events officers can take care of the problem without bothering other guests. This will give you the peace of mind to enjoy the event and focus on making it a success for all of your guests. 
  • Keep staff and volunteers in the loop: While you may not want to tell staff or volunteers about stressors, it's important to keep them in the loop if you have specific security concerns. This way, if they see a potential problem, they can alert security and get it taken care of faster. 

To talk more about hiring security for your next event, please contact us. Thanks.