Are you in New York and in need of personal security services? If so, do you know what you're looking for? Here is a list of some of the questions and considerations involved in choosing someone to provide personal security.

Training. Does the person or company you're considering meet New York's requirements for training and registration of security officers? Does this individual or the staff of this security company have verifiable experience in providing security? Are they subjected to regular drug tests and rigorous physical exams as part of their employment as a security officer?

Commitment to the Job. Will your security officer go where you go? Will he or she be available and on the job whether you're at the office, at home, or traveling internationally? Is he or she going to be available even when the security risk is relatively low, with the firm understanding that something can happen anywhere and at any time?

Discretion. Will your security officer understand and respect the importance of your privacy and your reputation. Will he or she be content to not only remain in the background but also blend into it if need be?

Insight. Does the individual under consideration possess the intelligence to act precisely in any given situation and to detect the potential for trouble before it escalates into a situation?

There is, of course, much more to consider. If you're in need of personal security services, you can trust GSS Security Services. We understand that in today's economic and political climate, personal security is paramount. We offer a variety of professional programs to fit your specific security needs. For more information, // us.