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Hotel Security: Who Is Liable for a Guest's Safety and Property?


Who is responsible if a hotel loses a bag that's been left with the bellman? According to an article from Fox News, while state laws vary, most hotels have limited liability for guest items that have been lost or stolen. However, guests may sue the hotel for damages if the bag was lost due to employee negligence. They also can be liable if one of their employees steals from guests. This is one of the many facets of hotel securitythat you should be aware of. There are many more.

Laws state that hotel owners can't be responsible for things they have no control of. This includes the theft of belongings that were not left in the hotel's control but rather were left by the guest and subsequently stolen by another guest.

Hotels are expected to provide a reasonable amount of security: working locks, well-lit parking, secure windows and the like. They're also responsible for warning guests of known dangers or taking steps to address problems they know about. Some steps that could be taken include installing security cameras or providing security personnel, the article stated. Posting signs for guests that state that the hotel are not always enough to remove liability though, as the responsibility for addressing known security issues remains.

Are you and your staff doing enough to protect the safety of your guests and their property? GSS Security Services can provide hotel safety and security training for personnel in order to ensure that all safeguards are being taken and to create a safe environment for employees and guests alike. For more information on how to obtain this training, contact us.

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What to look for when you need personal security services

Are you in New York and in need of personal security services? If so, do you know what you're looking for? Here is a list of some of the questions and considerations involved in choosing someone to provide personal security.

Training. Does the person or company you're considering meet New York's requirements for training and registration of security officers? Does this individual or the staff of this security company have verifiable experience in providing security? Are they subjected to regular drug tests and rigorous physical exams as part of their employment as a security officer?

Commitment to the Job. Will your security officer go where you go? Will he or she be available and on the job whether you're at the office, at home, or traveling internationally? Is he or she going to be available even when the security risk is relatively low, with the firm understanding that something can happen anywhere and at any time?

Discretion. Will your security officer understand and respect the importance of your privacy and your reputation. Will he or she be content to not only remain in the background but also blend into it if need be?

Insight. Does the individual under consideration possess the intelligence to act precisely in any given situation and to detect the potential for trouble before it escalates into a situation?

There is, of course, much more to consider. If you're in need of personal security services, you can trust GSS Security Services. We understand that in today's economic and political climate, personal security is paramount. We offer a variety of professional programs to fit your specific security needs. For more information, contact us.

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What We Learned About Special Event Security From the Boston Marathon

special event security

On April 15, 2013, approximately 32,000 runners prepared to finish the race of a lifetime. Professional runners and amateurs alike crossed the finish line, as Boston's crowds cheered their success. It was the American dream -- working hard and finally achieving an incredible goal.

At 2:49 p.m. EST, a "pressure cooker" bomb exploded near the finish line, followed by a second explosion just 12 seconds later. Three of the runners lost their lives, and another 264 were injured. How did this happen? Most importantly, what did security experts learn to help prevent such a tragedy in the future?

Security Presence Versus Security Activity

As the media swarmed onto the scene following the attack, a number of participants and spectators were interviewed about the security measures in place before the attack happened. Some spectators reported seeing droves of security officers, but few were stopped, questioned, or searched as they approached the finish line.

Having a security force in place doesn't deter such an act of terror unless the officers are active in identifying and neutralizing threats. It is important to establish checkpoints along any route people can take to the event. Furthermore, the use of bomb dogs and other measures could have greatly reduced the chances of the bombers getting to the finish line and detonating their bombs.

Having Fun Versus Being Safe

The unfortunate aftermath of 9/11 is sacrificing a certain amount of privacy and freedom in order to remain safe. During the Boston Marathon, security forces patrolled the area, but avoided actions that could have hindered the crowd's enjoyment of the event. For the 2014 event, the organizers of the event instituted additional safety measures, including restricting items like baggage, coolers, containers, blankets, costumes, and props from the spectator areas and finish line.

By limiting what spectators could bring, organizers and security personnel were able to greatly reduce the chances of another terrorist sneaking in bombs. Event organizers often have to make decisions between allowing the crowd to have fun and offering a safe, secure environment for the event.

Public Versus Private Security

Seventeen different law enforcement agencies participated in the security of the 2013 Boston Marathon. Obviously, when multiple groups are involved, things get overlooked and slip through the cracks. Agency A thinks a particular task belongs to Agency B, and Agency C fails to pass important information along to Agency D. Though multiple agencies can bring additional personnel, equipment, knowledge, and perspective, the confusion can sometimes hinder the effectiveness of the security teams. Many event organizers might well decide that hiring a private special event security organization is more practical and effective than depending on large teams comprised of multiple government agencies.

Unlike running a marathon, security is an industry that never reaches its finish line. As would-be terrorists develop new ways to cause trouble, security experts have to adapt and create new ways of stopping them. Even a tragedy like the Boston Marathon bombing becomes an important learning tool, teaching security experts more about stopping evildoers in their tracks.

If you need state-of-the-art event security, contact us. GSS Security has over 20 years' experience in successfully keeping event performers and attendants safe from harm. See how a professional team of private security experts can boost confidence in your event while allowing the crowd to have the incredible time they came for. At GSS, security is an American tradition.







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Important Tips on Hiring Special Event Security Services


If you are planning a special event, then hiring special event security services may be necessary to keep guests safe and ensure guests are able to enjoy their time without worry. 

When choosing the right special event security, there are important things you will want to consider such as:

Checking Licensing

The event security you hire must be licensed. A licensed staff will guarantee they have proper training to know what needs to be done in certain situations. Security staff can be licensed for different reasons such as having a license allowing them to carry a firearm and more. Licensing is there to keep everyone safe. 

Being Mindful of Reputation

Event security services with a great reputation will give you peace of mind that the services have the capability to provide the best and secure services. Plus knowing what other events they may have serviced in the past can be helpful to determining whether or not the services are the right choice for you. 

Knowing the Management

Special security staff members are sent out through the company they work for. You want to be sure that the company provides high quality staff members for their customers. This means that the company provides their staff with the proper amount of training and knowledge to provide the high quality services you are looking for. 

Putting Together a Contract

When you hire special event security, there must be a contract made that discusses the specific services that will be provided at your event along with the price you will pay for their time. If something goes wrong, a signed contract will ensure that you are not paying for services that were not carried out properly. 

For more information about special event security, contact us. Here at GSS Security Services, we can provide all of the above to ensure you receive a great experience with special event security services.

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You Take Event SECURITY Seriously - Special Event Security Services is Our BUSINESS!

Your responsibility to keep everyone safe at your special event can mean many sleepless nights. At GSS Security Services, "We Get That!"  We will work with you to minimize risk, secure facilities and most important keep attendees safe.

The bigger the event, the higher the risk.  If your event is in the public eye it can potentially attract all kinds of unwanted attention.  

Prior to your event, our team of Security Professionals can help with:

  • Security Planning prior to the event
  • Staff Screening - many events are compromised from the inside
  • Physical Planning - be sure your physical site is "assault proof"

The days before and after the event, we can work with you and local authorities to:

  • Secure the Perimeter - Be ready in advance
  • Security Checkpoints - Check for weapons and anything else you don't want inside the event
  • Protect Celebrities and Performers - They are too often the main targets of attackers and intruders
  • Protect Your Guests and Attendees - The more attendees you have, the more attention it will attract.  We will protect them from harm while not detracting from the event. 
  • Be Prepared for Crowd Control - Here you will want a "Show of Force" to protect performers, stages, fields, etc. 
  • Under Cover Agents in the Crowd - They are the eyes and ears of the security for the event
  • Check for Bombs and Other Attempts to Disrupt the Event - We have a K-9 Unit trained in bomb discovery.

We have been providing special event security services for special events in and around metropolitan New York City for many years.  We have a full time staff of over 250 security professionals and can bring more trained personnel on as necessary for a specific event.

"Don't trust your event security needs to an unknown." Call GSS at 212.764.5400 or contact us for a free consultation. With over 20 years of experience, we are dedicated to helping our clients sleep better at night. "We Get It!"

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Need Personal Security Services for Company Executives and their Families?

As the threat level for kidnappings, assaults, home invasions and other intrusions increase, protecting high profile executives and their families is of paramount importance. GSS Security Services, has been providing personal security services for over 20 years.

Because we work with celebrities and executives on a regular basis, we understand all the risks they are subject to, the need for discretion and the importance of keeping everyone safe at all times, no matter what!

As reported in the NY Times, kidnapping of corporate executives or the families for ransom is on the rise.  In this particular case, a chauffeur hired by the kidnappers was instrumental in the bogus police security check that resulted in the seizure of a Dutch Marketing Consultant lured to a fake sheet metal buy.

Mark Hall from Air Security International, told CNN, “there is probably anywhere between 8,000 to 10,000 kidnap and ransom situations globally on an annual basis,” 

Threats are everywhere and they are on the rise. GSS personal security services include:

  • Full time round the clock family protection at home and on the go
  • Special event protection
  • Visiting executive protection details
  • Travel assignments for when executives leave the area

We have been providing personal security services for celebrities and executives for over 20 years. We have a full time staff of over 250 security professionals and can bring more trained personnel on as necessary for special assignments. 

"Don't trust the safety of your executives and their families to an unknown." Call GSS at 212.764.5400 or contact us for a free consultation.

With over 20 years of experience, we are dedicated to helping our clients sleep better at night. "We Get It!"

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Don't trust just anyone with your special event security

Posted on: 29 May 2014

The plans for your event have been in the works for months. You've been dreaming of this night for a very long time. Something as important as this event doesn't come around very often. When it's this big, don't trust just anyone with your special event security.

GSS Security Services Inc. has 20+ years in the arena of special events security. We don't get star-struck by your famous guests, and we leave nothing to chance. Instead, what we can provide you is discreet, professional security services. Attention to detail. A tremendous amount of training and on-the-job experience. 

Whether you're hosting the most intimate of gatherings or the biggest, most well-attended gala, we offer complete event security services including permit acquisition, equipment rental, transportation, and parking coordination.

Your safety is paramount. Our highly qualified personnel have undergone extensive background checks. They've been regularly subjected to drug tests. They've undergone rigorous physical fitness tests. They continue with ongoing training so that they are on top of their game and they learn to use and are comfortable with state of the art technology. 

You've been planning this event for a long time. GSS Security Services wants you to enjoy it while we provide the best and most comprehensive special event security services available. For more information, contact us.

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Trust GSS Security Services, Inc. for your personal security services

Do you have a high level or high profile job that could make you a target for criminal activity, including stalking, harassment, or even kidnapping? Those risks are present any time you're in a place where you could be recognized. And while it may be tempting to simply ignore the risks as you go on with your busy life, we have a better solution: personal security services from GSS Security Services, Inc.

We can provide discreet and individualized security wherever your job and your life may take you. Our employees have years of training and experience to blend in any situation you find yourself in and to serve your security needs in a highly professional manner. Likewise, if you own a business and have high level, highly recognizable staff, consider personal security for your employees as a wise investment that ensures that they are well protected and able to concentrate more fully on their jobs.

We leave nothing to chance, and you can rest assured that we've put hours into anticipating anything that could possibly happen in your personal circumstances and what our responses would be. All of our staff is background checked and experience verified, and subjected to drug tests and physical exams. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured, and we invite you to ask to see the papers that prove this.

Your life and your safety is important. Don't trust your personal security to just anyone. For more information on our services or to schedule your free security consultation, contact us today.

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Things to Consider before Hiring Special Event Security Services 

If you’re planning on hosting any type of event, you’ll need to make sure you provide for the safety of everyone in attendance. This sometimes means hiring special event security services to help you keep an eye on the comings and goings taking place around you. Not all security companies are the same, so here are some things you should keep in mind before you hire one.

Are the special event officers licensed?

Depending upon where you are located, special event officers may need to be licensed in order to act in an official capacity. Even if they‘re not required to be licensed, it can still be a good idea to hire personnel that are, as you can be sure they have been thoroughly screened prior to being hired.

Will the special event officers be wearing uniforms?

Depending on the nature of your event, you may prefer to have officers in uniform, as the presence of uniformed security personnel tends to deter people from performing illicit acts. If you expect a very large crowd, this could be a better option, since you never quite know who might show up.

On the other hand, if you’re planning an event, where the presence of uniformed officers might cause your guests to feel stifled rather than laid back and casual. In this case, you may want a special event officer that’s dressed in just a polo shirt and khaki pants instead.

How many special event officers can you provide me with?

It’s also a good idea to know how many special event officers you’re going to be provided with. Simply signing a contract for security services is not enough these days. You need to know how many people will be patrolling your area at any given time in order to make sure you are getting the right amount of coverage for the money you are spending.

Have there been any complaints against your agency lately?

While asking this is a good idea, you should also do your own research and find out a little bit about a company as well. Check online reviews as well as the Better Business Bureau to find out what other people have to say about a particular company. If you know others who have recently planned similar events, you could find out a wealth of information by talking with them about different security companies as well.

What type of insurance coverage do you provide?

The answer to this question is very important, as it could leave you liable for damages if the company you hire does not have adequate coverage.

Here at GSS Security Services, we promise to take care of all your special event security needs in exactly the right manner so that you will have nothing to worry about. To find out more about the services we provide, contact us.
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NYC Street Activity Permits: When You Need Them

If you intend on holding a street fair, festival, block party, green market, commercial/promotional or other type of event, you must obtain a NYC Street Activity Permits from SAPO, or the Mayor's Office of Film, Theater & Broadcasting.

We can assist you with obtaining the necessary permits for any street or sidewalk activity that your event may present. We'd be happy to review your proposed plans and offer suggestions on how to achieve the experience you are planning.

Examples of Events That Require a NYC Street Activity Permit

  • Special Event: A Special Event can include street activities that promote advertise, or introduce a product, corporation, services to the public or a portion of the general public. Permits for these activities must be applied for 14 days prior to the event.
  • Block Party: A block party is an event sponsored by the related community. This involves the closing of one or more city streets; therefore permits must be applied for 90 days prior to the event.
  • Street Fair: This permit differs from a block party in that it allows the sale of goods or services. It still is considered a community sponsored event and one or more city street closures. A permit for a Street Fair or Festival must be applied for Dec 31 the year prior to the event.
  • Religious Event: This includes an act of worship that may occur on city streets or sidewalks. This permit must be applied for 60 days prior to the event.

All NYC Street Activities that require a permit must recycle during the event. If event holders do not provide means for recycling of trash and other articles, they could face a fine ranging from $25 - $500. 

If you are interested in our assistance with the permitting process or hiring security for your event, please contact the professionals with GSS Security Services. With over 20 years in the specialized security service industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to professionally permit and secure your event or private party. 

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Choose the Right Special Events Security Services

There is no denying the importance of security services when hosting important events. Special events call for attention to every detail in ensuring the safety and security of the event and all attendees. Security is needed for many types of events, including film premieres, galas, grand openings, concerts, exhibitions, product launches and private parties. Listed below are details should you look for when choosing special events security services?

Proven Track Record

Look for a company that has a proven track record of providing security for the type of event your are hosting. A good security service will have the resources needed to provide VIP and celebrity Executive Protection Officers , along with adequate personnel to ensure the event runs smoothly while providing protection from threats. They may also be able to acquire the necessary permits and coordinate equipment rentals, transportation and parking for the event.

Qualified Staff

Make sure the staff members are qualified, professional and reliable. They should be capable of successfully managing events of all sizes, and in venues of various types. Security personnel should be able to project a strong presence when desired to discourage potential troublemakers from attempting to cause problems. They should also be able to blend into the crowd and be inconspicuous when that is appropriate.


The security company should encourage open communication with their personnel to ensure that every detail is covered and the event proceeds in an organized and safe manner. Communicate with the security staff as much as possible about the venue, the number of people attending, possible threats and points of entry and exit. Discuss plans for evacuation in case of emergency.

Once you have selected the location for the event, make sure that your provider is able to offer services that fit your needs in that particular area. Also make sure that your security provider is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Special event security services are crucial for your event's success. GSS Security Services is one of the nation's leading security companies, with 20+ years of experiences providing security services throughout the New York City area. Contact us to learn more about how we can help keep your special event safe and secure.

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5 Reasons to use GSS Security Hospitality Services

#1: Maids aren't trained to evict guests – and neither are your hotel's customer service representatives or other employees. GSS Hospitality Security Services train personnel to handle everything from mild disturbances of hotel guests to situations that call for eviction and even arrest. You want your hotel employees focused on satisfying and making your hotel guests feel welcome, happy, and secure.

#2: Security presence sends a message of safety and compliance – Hotel guests want to know that they are safe when staying at your hotel. By having security presence, hotel guests can feel secure that their lives and belongings are safe under your roof. It also sends a message to potential guests who may be disruptive that they will not get away with unlawful or otherwise inappropriate behavior while staying at your hotel.

#3: Hotel safety programs create safe employee consciousness – While you don't want maids and customer service reps handling (or restraining) difficult clientele, employees need to be aware of certain risk factors. GSS provides training programs that make your employees aware of, for example, blood borne pathogens, proper lifting techniques, and even food safety. Remember, safety and security is a joint effort that should be implemented by seasoned professionals!

#4: Hospitality Security Services decrease liability and loss – From theft to guest accidents, trained security professional decrease the liability and loss factors of operating a hotel. They are trained to notice suspicious behavior and activities that your hotel employees may never notice. By having professionals take care of these details, staff has more time to focus on the hospitality factors that make good hotel guests come back again and again.

#5: GSS provides event security – From business conferences to wedding receptions, your hotel may play host to a number of events for your guests. Events, however, bring-in outsiders that may not even stay at your hotel, which increases the need for effective security. From attendees that do not know how to handle their alcohol consumption to disagreements among guests, you never know when a trained security professional will be of immediate need during a hotel event!

For more information about the excellent hospitality security services offered by GSS, contact us.

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Why Having Excellent Security Services Matters.

Having any sort of business that does anything of value, needs to have a way to secure the goods and people involved in creating and maintaining that value. All businesses need to be concerned about the security of their business. The benefits associated with having a robust and healthy security platform with which one can depend on is invaluable. 

When people are concerned about their safety or the safety of their products, they are not able to work to the best of their ability or, for situations such as events, be able to have as much fun as they otherwise would if they knew they were secure and being watched over. Having great security is not just about maintaining safety, it is also about providing the peace of mind that comes with that safety. When people know they are safe, they are more productive and happier in general, which reflects on the business as a whole. 

One of the most important parts of excellent security is having experienced personnel that are not only seasoned professionals, but are also adept at handling real-world situations in a way that cannot be taught in a classroom or handbook. When  looking for a company to handle security needs, the history of the company, its recent growth and prospective growth are all important things to consider. 

Event planning is not always easy work but can be quite fun when one can focus on the "event planning" aspect of it rather than also trying to possibly be the bouncer, door guy, person watching the cameras and so on. If you would like to know more about security services in general or about how we can be of assistance to you for your next event or big idea, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you. 

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Three reasons not to ignore Special Event Security

With thoughts often turning toward shaving dollars off the budget, you may be tempted to let special event security go. You may feel it's too much trouble or maybe it seems like there is too little to be gained. Trust us, we have three big reasons why you shouldn't ignore special event security.

  • Peace of mind: We live in an uncertain world, but one thing is certain: where there are fancy events, there will be unauthorized people trying to get in. Security personnel not only guard the people attending a special event, but also provide an extra measure to make sure those that are supposed to be there are the only ones that get in. This helps keep the trouble out so you can focus on all the little details of making the event go just right.
  • An extra hand: You're event has a lot of details. GSS has the resources and capability to provide complete event services for all activities, regardless of magnitude. This means we can provide a helping hand to acquire permits, rent equipment, and help coordinate transportation and parking. Let us take care of these details while you take care of others.
  • Discreet: Professionalism, expertise, and courteousness are all marks of GSS. We have nothing but poise when ensuring the safety of the event staff and attendees to the event, during the event, and even after the event. How? We dress the part and stay in the background. While the cameras are focused on the event, so are we. The goal is to let the event shine every moment without trouble.

With all of these great details, there is one that we have over looked. Having security personnel at a special event can often bring the staff peace of mind knowing that there is an extra set of hands to make sure that the small details assuring the attendee's safety are not overlooked. This gives them the ability to focus on providing the luster your event deserves.

Would you like to know how else we can help your event go off without a hitch? To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

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Meeting The Needs Of Special Events Security

One of the main concerns when holding any type of special event is providing security. In many cases event organizers know that trying to hire and train their own security is simply too expensive. It also would add to their administrative burden for organizing the event. Hiring a firm with trained and experienced security personnel can provide many benefits.

According to an article in Security Magazine, “The benefits of outsourcing security officers or operating a proprietary force are variable...Increase flexibility to meet changing business and security conditions...Leverage contractors project management experience, security expertise and investment in people, equipment and technology.”

Cost Effective

The costs associated with providing special event security can be reduced by outsourcing security personnel. The fees charged are based on the most recent market price ranges. It reduces administrative requirements for a special event. Since there is competition for providing security companies who use them know they're getting the best price.

High Standards

A company that provides security must be competitive. They know that their reputation is on the line every special event they work. Having experience when it come to providing event security is essential. Only employees who have maintained high standards are provided. These are properly trained individuals who have proven themselves during past events. Successfully providing special event security is as important to the security company as it is to the event organizers.


An event organizer has many things that compete for their attention. A security company is focused on providing the best event security possible. They know how to properly monitor, correct and improve the behavior of their employees. If there is a problem with performance, it is addressed immediately.


When organizing a special event many things can change. Security needs may also change. Many security companies will be able to meet any changing needs that may occur. At times it can be difficult to anticipate the response to an event. Additional security needs can be addressed as needed.

If you would like to know more about special events security we can help. Contact us today and learn more.

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The Benefits of Hiring Hotel Security

As a business owner, it is important to ensure that you are having your business operate at exceptional levels. This provides the most efficiently run business that will then cut costs in the long run. There are plenty of ways to make this possible, including hiring Hotel Security. This is because hotel security reduces chances of liability issues that could potentially arise.

Hotel security services include:


You will see that with hotel security that is highly trained, they will deter any crimes from happening in the area. Thus ensuring that there is no risk to anyone getting hurt on the property. 

Handling Situations:

The security that you hire will be trained and skilled to ensure that no one is hurt if any crimes do happen. They will be sure that all guests are stayed clear of the area that can be dangerous and threatening to their well being. This then protects your business from any liability issues that could arise.

Training to Deal with Crime:

Hotel security is highly trained to deal with any crime that may be in or around the hotel. It is up to you if you want to hire armed or unarmed security. Either way, both are trained to know how to do their jobs efficiently. They can call the right authorities and maintain the situation in an effective way. 

If you need to know more about hotel security, contact us. We can help you with your hotel security needs to ensure that you have the right security around to keep your business running smoothly and without problems that can raise issues with any costs that could otherwise be avoided. You will know all about their training and what services they will bring to benefit your business overall.

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