How Effective is Your Emergency Action Plan?


    As a business owner, you're well aware of the necessity of an emergency action plan: in fact, your insurance company requires it. Unfortunately, some business owners simply download a template and write the plan according to satisfy the insurance requirements. But that approach could leave gaping holes in your security, holes that could come back to haunt you later.

    For an individualized and workable plan, you need professionals. GSS Security Services can guide your emergency action team with our Emergency Action Plan Writing service. Emergencies can come in all sizes: from on-site accidents to fires to large-scale disasters. And you have to be ready for all of them.

    In an emergency, are these areas fully covered?

    • Is the plan clear enough that your entire staff understands it? Everyone needs to know the basics of what to do in an emergency: where the most efficient exits are and where to assemble. The plan should lay out these steps in simple, easy-to-memorize directions that translate well to emergency-sign information. You already back this up with regular emergency drills, but employees need to know it well enough so they stay focused and don't panic if the real thing happens.
    • Do you have visitors to your building? They won't know your emergency plan, but you can designate and train employees to help visitors understand what to do.
    • Do you have special-needs employees? Not everyone can get down the stairs. You need enough Evacuation Chairs and people trained to use them in an emergency. And remember you might need a chair for people who suffer sudden heart attacks, loss of consciousness, or smoke inhalation.
    • Can you protect your critical functions, data, or research? This is the heart of your business, but in an emergency it might be overlooked in the rush to get everyone safely out of the building. Be clear on what to do.
    • Do you have emergency coordinators and floor wardens – plus backups? Everyone needs to know who those people are – and who's in charge if those people are out that day.
    • Is your personnel roster up to date? Ideally, the roster should be updated every time there's an employee change.

    Contact us. Our professionals can keep your company ready to respond to emergencies by guiding you through the steps to write an effective plan, so that you and your employees are prepared and trained for maximum safety.

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