Police and casino security in Reno, NV, were reportedly gearing up recently for the 20th annual Street Vibrations fall rally. The event was anticipated to bring in about 50,000 motorcyclists and among the preparations were plans on how to keep the event fun and safe for everyone.

The important thing about special event security is ensuring that the event is both safe as well as fun. While increased police patrol may be necessary in situations such as a motorcycle rally, the police can't always supply the level of security that you need for your event. That's where GSS Security Services comes in. Our security personnel are specifically trained for the sort of security issues that come into play at a special event. We spend the time needed before the event takes place considering every possible scenario and how we will respond if that scenario happens.

We can provide uniformed security services if you desire, or -- if preferable -- we can blend into the crowd so that our presence doesn't become a focus of your event. We also work well with hotel and other venue security in addition to the local police.

Additionally, we provide not only security services but other event services as well, including acquiring permits, renting equipment, transportation preparation, and parking coordination. You can count on us to make sure that all facets of your special event go off without a hitch and that the event is remembered fondly. For more information on our special event security services and the other security services we provide, //gss-security.com/contact us.