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What is a COVID-19 Compliance Officer?

covid compliance officer training new york city

The COVID-19 Compliance Officer (C19CO) is a newly designated position by Health Education Services.  responsible for establishing and enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols, training staff, and monitoring compliance on all security projects. This position is intended for a person who is educated in the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, disinfection, social distancing, CDC, local, and New York state guidelines, and other information related to preventing the spread of infection.  This person is responsible for safety compliance and enforcement of rules.

The C19CO does not have to be a trained medical professional.   He or she is a stand alone position with no other project responsibilities other than COVID-19 issues.

The C19CO will develop all project COVID-19 protocol.  He or she will follow and enforce all local, state, and CDC guidelines for executing the security project.

Send COVID-19 screening survey, testing information, and Covid-19 protocols to all project personnel, including those of Client so all know their duties and responsibilities.

The C19CO will be the first person on project site and be present during all working hours.  Before work is started the C19CO will ensure COVID-19 signs are in place reminding personnel of the need for social distancing, face covering, and hand sanitizing.   The C19CO will position and maintain hand sanitizing stations around the work location and inside/outside of bathrooms.

The C19CO will screen all personnel entering the project area, and maintain a roster of all GSS personnel as well as Client personnel.

Our COVID protocols include the assignment of a COVID Compliance Officer (CCO), who is responsible for establishing and enforcing safety protocols, training staff, and monitoring compliance.


Once vaccines are widely distributed it will take many months for Americans achieve her immunity, so the need for the C19CO will continue.   It is unclear when state and local health departments change their requirements.   It has become obvious that the work environment must remain hygienic - cleanliness will remain a priority.

The C19CO is a stand-alone position.   He or she will not be required to fill any other duty other than COVID-19 compliance on the work site and office.

In actuality, the C19CO position was originally created in California for film production casts and crew.    It was applicable specifically for:

  • Set entry screening
  • Positive test protocol while on the filming set
  • Return to the set after exposure
  • Crew COVID training
  • Setting up social distancing on set
  • Setting up social distancing for meals while shooting
  • Setting up social distancing during transportation
  • Film and audio equipment usage and sterilization
  • Wardrobe COVID protocol
  • Talent and actor protocol
  • Casting protocol
  • Disinfecting best practices

Obviously, even though C19CO was developed for film crews, it is immediately obvious that the same procedures and philosophy can be applied to any industrial, hospitality and security setting.

GSS assigns a C19CO to all our security assignments.  In doing so we feel we are able to minimize exposure of employees and clients to COVID-19 and in so doing broaden our security services spectrum over all assignments.

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