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You Take Event SECURITY Seriously - Special Event Security Services is Our BUSINESS!

Your responsibility to keep everyone safe at your special event can mean many sleepless nights. At GSS Security Services, "We Get That!"  We will work with you to minimize risk, secure facilities and most important keep attendees safe.

The bigger the event, the higher the risk.  If your event is in the public eye it can potentially attract all kinds of unwanted attention.  

Prior to your event, our team of Security Professionals can help with:

  • Security Planning prior to the event
  • Staff Screening - many events are compromised from the inside
  • Physical Planning - be sure your physical site is "assault proof"

The days before and after the event, we can work with you and local authorities to:

  • Secure the Perimeter - Be ready in advance
  • Security Checkpoints - Check for weapons and anything else you don't want inside the event
  • Protect Celebrities and Performers - They are too often the main targets of attackers and intruders
  • Protect Your Guests and Attendees - The more attendees you have, the more attention it will attract.  We will protect them from harm while not detracting from the event. 
  • Be Prepared for Crowd Control - Here you will want a "Show of Force" to protect performers, stages, fields, etc. 
  • Under Cover Agents in the Crowd - They are the eyes and ears of the security for the event
  • Check for Bombs and Other Attempts to Disrupt the Event - We have a K-9 Unit trained in bomb discovery.

We have been providing special event security services for special events in and around metropolitan New York City for many years.  We have a full time staff of over 250 security professionals and can bring more trained personnel on as necessary for a specific event.

"Don't trust your event security needs to an unknown." Call GSS at 212.764.5400 or contact us for a free consultation. With over 20 years of experience, we are dedicated to helping our clients sleep better at night. "We Get It!"

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