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We pride ourselves on constantly expanding our knowledge, our education and our areas of expertise in all areas of security. We’re dedicated to remaining at the top of our field, and we’ve been able to develop, improve and expand our level and types of services to meet the needs and demands of our ever-increasing and discerning client base.

All of our comprehensive personal security service programs provide our clients with the finest benefits, support staff, experience, data and up-to-date information available. Whether security needs range from one officer to a full security department, we’ll evaluate the entire situation, help tailor a specialized program, and provide the skilled personnel to complete the assignment professionally, efficiently and cost-effectively. It just takes one quick call to GSS to begin the process!

Whether you are located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, we are ready to help.

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GSS Security Service, Inc.

30 Successful Years

Personal security services are paramount in the current economic and political climate and GSS Security Services, Inc. has constantly remained one of the nation’s leading full-service security companies. We offer a variety of professionally, skillfully and discreetly managed programs and services for individuals, companies, facilities, organizations and governmental offices. No entity is too small, and we are happy to provide quotes for a variety of security needs for any size organization.

We are the original GSS. Don’t be fooled by imposters who make false claims concerning our reputation, honesty and 

Why GSS Security Services?

Smart Security Services For Your Safety

  • Over 30 years of experience.
  • Bonded, licensed & insured.
  • First choice of many hospitality companies.
  • Meet the stringent New York State requirements for training and registration of security officers.
  • Provide continuous, on-going training for our security officers well beyond state requirements.
  • Drug-free workplace; all employees are drug tested on an on-going basis.
  • Offer private investigation services and/or referrals.
  • Conduct comprehensive background investigations of all employees.
  • Provide complete and experienced security for special events.
  • Provide quality protection services for individuals.
  • ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms)
  • Explosives License # 6-NY-071-33-6F-00401
  • NYS Division of Safety & Health
  • Explosives License
  • Licensed by New York State Department of State
  • Connecticut Security Services
  • Florida Patrol Agency
  • New Jersey Private Investigator
  • New Jersey Security Patrol Operator

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