What Are the Signs That You Need to Get Executive Protection?

There are many cases in which a business executive might need protection. If you’re dealing in something valuable and you need to carry it from one location to another, you’ll feel a lot safer if you have a security officer with you. Or if you’re doing some research which might be valuable to the competition, […]

3 Surprising Benefits of Executive Protection for an Organization

Holding an executive role can increase security risks. Many business leaders and top officials often encounter dangerous situations like kidnapping and harassment by strangers or rival businesses. Getting executive protection for your company can help you enhance safety. Here are some surprising benefits of such services. 1. Increased Productivity Worrying about safety can constantly affect […]

Special Event Security: Keeping Your Guests and Property Safe

For many organizations, special events are a significant part of their business. From corporate functions to private parties, these events require a heightened level of security to ensure the safety of guests and property.  GSS Security Services, Inc. provides specialized event security services that are tailored to the unique needs of each event. Customized Security […]

Introducing Mobile Surveillance Trailers: The Future of Remote Live Monitoring

The Evolution of Security: Why Mobile Surveillance Trailers? In the ever-evolving landscape of security, GSS Security is at the forefront of innovation. We understand the challenges businesses face in ensuring the safety of their assets, personnel, and premises. With the introduction of our Mobile Surveillance Trailers, we are redefining the boundaries of remote live monitoring. […]

Protect Your Property 24 Hours A Day With Our Intelligent Remote Surveillance Technology.

How It Works¬†Using your current CCTV system, we connect your feed to our 24/7 video surveillance center. Our operators actively monitor your site. With our premier remote video monitoring technology, your camera feed is processed through our command center, reporting all suspicious movement. This prompts an alert to our team along with live images sent […]