How COVID affected hospitality security in 2020 and how its bouncing back in 2021

Hospitality security is often the most challenging type of assignment.  Hotel guests can arrive from anywhere in the world, particularly in New York City.  They will touch common surfaces, linger in registration areas, pass each other in confined hallways.   With the onset of the global COVID pandemic, reduced international travel severely impacted the hotel business.  […]

How COVID affected K9 bomb detection services in 2020 and how its bouncing back in 2021

K9 bomb detection services declined at the outset of 2020 as initial municipal lockdown brought special events, spectator sports, executive travel and political travel to a standstill.  Overseas flights were curtailed, and it seemed that threat levels using explosives diminished due to the shock and danger of the COVID virus. Bomb detection services usually fall […]

Our New Mobile, Solar-Powered Trailer’s

Our Mobile, Solar-Powered Trailer Requires No Installation And No Power; It Is Designed To Save You Time And Money, While Keeping Your Property Protected Wherever, Whenever.​ How It Works Our unique original design uses state of the art mobile video surveillance technology developed over years of security expertise, to monitor any location. We deliver the trailer […]