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Special Events

Whether it's a news conference or a new product release event, no company can afford to neglect security concerns. The unfortunate happenings of the past year should convince all event planners that the services of a professional and highly competent security firm are always necessary--no matter the size of the function.

Executive Security - GSS

Executive Protection

Recent cases have shown that high-level executives could be kidnapping targets. While the situation is never pleasant to think about, companies that take a pro-active stance concerning security will quickly find that they can concern themselves with other facets of their businesses. GSS has been recognized for discretion, integrity and professionalism.


Even company luncheons and dinners can be security risks. Any time the general public is allowed onto your company’s premises, security is warranted. Our specially trained staff knows what to look for and will help prevent embarrassing and potentially dangerous situations. Hotel security is also an area where GSS has expertise. Again, whether it’s a special event, a visit by dignitaries, or just ordinary daily security, we have the trained staff to do the job correctly.

brian and judge k9

K9 Bomb Detection

Bomb threats can happen to any size company. GSS has the expertise and resources to quickly dispatch highly trained K-9 teams to quickly secure any area and allow business as usual to resume.

Emergency Action Plans

Insurance companies today demand that businesses have a qualified written plan for dealing with emergencies and disasters. Don't just go online and download a template. GSS has the qualified staff to guide any emergency action team in the process of creating the proper action plan manual.

Retail Loss Prevention

Don't wait until an auditor discovers tens of thousands of dollars in missing inventory. GSS has the expertise to design a plan to minimize shrinkage. If employee theft is also a concern, GSS has considerable experience in this area also.