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Our well-trained staff consistently provides quality security services in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida in the following areas:

Whether it’s a staff holiday party, a retirement gathering, or a product launch, GSS will provide the proper security personal. Our staff can be visible or discreet, uniformed or in plain clothes. From our varied and extensive experience, we know exactly how many team members to send in order to ensure the security of the event. We can also help with special events permits for New York area happenings.
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Our trained personal security officers will provide the finest in executive protection for all high-level staff. Whether it’s just a trip to the airport, or a week-long meeting, we will only send highly competent and specially trained officers to handle the sensitive needs of executives. When discretion is necessary, GSS is the only security service to call. We provide the best bodyguards New York City has to offer.
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Even company luncheons and dinners can be security risks. Any time the general public is allowed onto your company’s premises, security is warranted. Our specially trained staff knows what to look for and will help prevent embarrassing and potentially dangerous situations. Hotel security is also an area where GSS has expertise. Again, whether it’s a special event, a visit by dignitaries, or just ordinary daily security, we have the trained staff to do the job correctly.
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A company may never need a K-9 bomb detection service, but quality company risk managers know that the services of a good K-9 unit should be contracted for ahead of time. GSS has a number of superior K-9 teams ready to move quickly. Companies that contract for this service in advance are given preference in an emergency.
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Insurance companies are very demanding today, and they often insist upon a well-written emergency action plan before any insurance coverage goes into effect. GSS has a number of highly competent plan writers. We know the laws and we know the insurance companies.
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Those who don’t try and stop inventory shrinkage are usually sorry they didn’t call GSS. Our highly trained and motivated security guards have the current knowledge and skills to stop losses now.
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